The Lion Bear And Fox


In a mighty forest, where the trees touched the sky, there lived a young and graceful fawn. The fawn had a beautiful coat of soft, brown fur, and its eyes sparkled like stars in the night.

One sunny day, as the fawn was peacefully eating in the valley, something unexpected happened. A mighty lion and a strong bear simultaneously appeared on the scene. They both had hungry bellies and spotted the fawn as their next meal.

With a terrible roar, the lion jumped towards the fawn, while the bear roared and charged as well. The poor fawn was caught between them, and it was terrified.

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The lion and the bear growled at each other, each claiming the fawn as their own. They argued and roared, and the forest trembled with their noise. The fawn trembled too, caught in the middle of their strong disagreement.

They fought and fought, their fingers and teeth bared, but neither could overpower the other. It was a mighty struggle, and it went on and on.

Hours passed, and the lion and the bear felt tired. Their roars turned into tired pants, and their strong eyes began to fall. Finally, they fell out of tiredness in the middle of the valley.

But someone had been watching the whole drama. A sly and clever fox had been hiding in the bushes, waiting patiently.

When the lion and the bear fell asleep, the fox saw its chance. It walked out of its hiding place, captured the fawn, and ran away like lightning.

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The lion and the bear woke up with a start, but it was too late. The fox had disappeared into the forest, carrying the fawn in its teeth.

The lion and the bear looked at each other, their faces filled with sadness. They realized that in their strong argument, they had wasted precious time and energy. Now, their meal was gone, and their bellies were filled with hunger.

As they walked away, the lion sighed and said to the bear, “We should have worked together instead of fighting. We might have caught our victim if we had not wasted time in useless arguments.”

The bear nodded in agreement, and they both learned a valuable lesson that day.

“Wasting time in useless arguments might result in the loss of something valuable.”

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