The Eagle And The Beetle


In a land not so far away, where the sky met the earth, there lived a magnificent eagle. This eagle was known far and wide for its sharp eyes, strong beak, and mighty hunting skills.

One bright and sunny day, as the eagle flew gracefully in the sky, it noticed a little hare racing desperately across a garden below. With its keen eyesight, the eagle spotted the hare and started to fall, eager to grab its victim.

The poor hare, its heart pounding like a drum, ran as fast as its legs could carry it. It zigzagged through the grass, seeking refuge from the eagle’s sharp nails. But just when it felt the eagle’s shadow closing in, the hare saw a tiny beetle nearby.

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Gasping for breath, the hare pleaded with the beetle, “Dear beetle, please, you must save me from the eagle’s cruel grasp. I promise, if you help me, I’ll be forever in your debt.”

The beetle, though small in size, had a big and brave heart. It buzzed over to the eagle and spoke with courage, “Mighty eagle, I beg you to be kind for this hare’s life. Release it, and I promise you it will trouble you no more.”

The eagle, however, was focused on its victim and paid little attention to the beetle’s words. Instead, it pecked at the beetle, tossing it away like a speck of dust.

The beetle, angered by the eagle’s actions and the lack of kindness it had shown, decided it was time to take matters into its own tiny hands, or rather, wings.

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Under the cover of night, the clever beetle ventured into the eagle’s nest high up in the trees. They carefully rolled each of the eagle’s eggs out of the nest, causing them to break.

When the eagle returned to its nest, it was heartbroken and felt the tragedy that had befallen its precious eggs. It had no idea who could have done such a heartless act.

The following year, the eagle chose to build its nest in a secluded cave, believing it would be safe from intruders. But the beetle, driven by its quest for avenge, was not so easily deterred. It discovered the eagle’s new nest and once again shattered all of its eggs.

The eagle, in sorrow and unable to understand why tragedy kept hitting, begged assistance from Jupiter, the mighty god of the heavens.

Jupiter, with his wisdom and all-seeing eye, listened compassionately to the eagle’s tale of woe. He agreed to assist the eagle by allowing it to keep its eggs in his lap, thinking they would be safeguarded there.

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Yet, the clever beetle was not ready to relent. It buzzed around Jupiter’s head, causing the god to swat at it. In his efforts to shoo the pesky beetle away, all of the eagle’s eggs fell from Jupiter’s lap and shattered on the ground.

Finally, the beetle approached Jupiter, questioning why it had endured such suffering. Jupiter, in his infinite wisdom, comprehended the beetle’s desire for avenge. He asked the beetle to stop harming the eggs once more.

So, in the following year, the eagle’s eggs remained safe and untouched, and the cycle of avenge came to an end.

Moral of the story: “Even the smallest among us will find ways to avenge a wrong. However, forgiveness and understanding can break the cycle of revenge and bring about peace.”

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