The Bull And The Mosquito


There was a big, strong bull with brown and long, curvy horns. He would walk in the valley every day, eating on the green grass and enjoying the warm sun on his back.

One bright and sunny day, as the bull was leisurely chewing on grass, a little mosquito buzzed around.

The mosquito was so small that it looked like a little speck in the air. It zoomed and danced in the sunlight, and then it landed gently on the tip of one of the bull’s curvy horns.

The mosquito, being a polite little insect, felt a bit worried about bothering the big, powerful bull. After resting for a while, it decided it was time to leave.

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With a tiny voice, the mosquito said, “I am sorry for causing you so much trouble by sitting on your horn.”

The bull, with a kind and gentle smile, looked down at the mosquito and replied, “Oh, don’t you worry, little friend. I didn’t even notice you were there.”

The mosquito was surprised. It had thought it was causing a big fuss and inconvenience for the bull. But the bull’s words made it realize something very important.

The mosquito had overestimated its own importance. It had thought that its tiny presence on the bull’s horn was a big deal. In reality, the bull was so big, and the mosquito was so small that its presence had gone almost unnoticed.

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As the mosquito flew away, it thought about what it had learned. Sometimes, we think that the things we do or the problems we have are very big and important. But just like the mosquito on the bull’s horn, they might not be as big a deal as we think.

The mosquito understood that it was essential to be humble and not worry too much about things. It was also learned that we often overestimate the importance of things that involve ourselves.

The bull continued to chew peacefully, and the mosquito continued to buzz around, but now with a better understanding of how big and small things can be in life.

The Moral of the story: “Sometimes, we think that our problems are big, but they might not be as important as we imagine. It’s good to be humble and not worry too much.”

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