Our New Puppy


One sunny day, Mommy and Daddy took me to a place with lots of puppies. I was so excited! We wanted to bring a new puppy home to be our friend.

I saw fluffy puppies and bouncy puppies, but there was one little puppy that caught my eye. It had big, floppy ears and the wiggliest tail. I pointed and said, “That one!”

Mommy and Daddy smiled, and we knew we had found our new puppy. We named our puppy Buddy because he was going to be our best buddy.

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When we brought Buddy home, he was a little scared. He sniffed around and wagged his tail. I giggled and said, “Welcome home, Buddy!”

Buddy became my new friend. We played in the yard, and Buddy would chase after the ball and bring it back. He was really good at it!

At dinner time, Buddy would sit next to me, and I would sneak him some bites from my plate. He loved it, and I loved sharing with him.

But one day, something happened. I wanted to play with my toys, but Buddy wanted to sleep. I tugged on his tail to wake him up. Buddy didn’t like that. He growled softly and showed me his teeth.

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I was scared and ran to Mommy. She hugged me and said, “It’s okay, sweetheart. Buddy needs his sleep. Just like you do.”

I looked at Buddy, and he looked tired. I learned that we should be kind to our friends and let them rest when they need to.

As days turned into weeks, Buddy and I became the best of friends. We walked together for a long time. Sometimes we explored the park, and other times we raced around the yard.

One day, I saw a butterfly in the garden. It was so pretty! I chased after it, and Buddy ran beside me. We laughed and played together.

But then, I saw something else. A big, muddy puddle! I jumped right in, and Buddy followed me. We splashed and giggled, making happy.

When we went back inside, we were covered in mud. Mommy and Daddy weren’t too happy. They said, “Oh my! You two look like a pair of muddy buddies!”

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We all laughed, and Mommy gave us a bath. Buddy didn’t like baths very much, but he was a good boy and stayed still.

As time passed, Buddy and I grew up together. We had so much fun, and we learned important things too. We learned to be kind, to share, and to respect each other.

One sunny day, as we played in the yard, I saw a little butterfly again. I didn’t chase it this time. Instead, I said, “Look, Buddy! It’s our friend, the butterfly.”

Buddy wagged his tail and watched the butterfly with me. I realized that sometimes, it’s nice to just sit and enjoy the little things with your best buddy.

“Having a best buddy is wonderful, and it’s important to be kind, share, and respect each other to make your friendship strong.”

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