The frog and the Ox


There once was a little frog who lived by a peaceful pond. This frog was small and green, with shiny eyes that sparkled like the water in the pond.

One day, as the frog sat by the edge of the pond, it saw a big and powerful ox eating in nearby grassland. The ox was enormous, with muscles as strong as tree trunks, and it looked so impressive.

The little frog watched the ox with admiration. It couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous of the ox’s size and strength. The other creatures in the pond noticed the frog’s jealousy and began to tease it.

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“Look at that little frog,” they laughed, “wishing to be as big as the mighty ox.”

The frog didn’t like being laughed at, so it decided to do something about it. It puffed up its chest and began to blow itself up with all its might. It blew and blew, trying to expand itself to the size of the ox.

The other creatures watched in amazement as the frog swelled up. It grew bigger and bigger, and for a moment, it almost seemed as if the frog had achieved its goal.

But then, with a loud pop, the frog burst like a balloon. Its body emptied and it returned to its usual size, feeling quite hurt and terrible for itself.

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The other creatures ran to the frog’s side. “Are you okay?” they asked, concerned.

The frog croaked weakly, “I tried to be like the ox, but I ended up hurting myself.”

The wise old turtle who lived in the pond spoke wisely. “You see,” he said, “trying to be something you’re not can lead to trouble. Each creature is unique and has its own strengths.”

The frog realized its mistake. It had been so focused on wanting to be as big and powerful as the ox that it had ignored its own strengths and abilities.

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From that day on, the frog embraced its small size. It realized that being small had its advantages too. It could hop around swiftly, catch flies easily, and find hiding spots in the pond when danger lurked.

The other creatures in the pond admired the frog’s wisdom. They learned that it’s essential to be content with who you are and not try to be something you’re not.

And so, the little frog continued to live happily by the peaceful pond, content with its size and grateful for the lesson it had learned.

Moral of the story: “Trying to be something you’re not can lead to trouble. It’s important to be content with who you are and happy with your own strengths and abilities.”

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