The Boy who cried Wolf


Once upon a time, in a small village surrounded by towering mountains, lived a cheery young man named Liam.

Liam worked as a shepherd, which made him feel ten feet tall despite being very short.

“Baah, Baaah!” exclaimed the fluffy white sheep as it walked around under the cotton candy clouds.

“Baa Babble, Baa Babble!” Liam would reply by laughing and making his own funny sheep sounds.

The sheep all waved their tails in joy and the children of the village laughed. He was clearly fluent in ‘Sheepish’!

However, one sunny afternoon, bored pressed Liam. He planned a smart plan and shouted “Wolf! Wolf!

“A big, scary wolf has arrived!” The villagers were surprised that there was no wolf.

“Help! Wolf!” Liam cried, holding his stomach and act like to be afraid.

The people ran away, their heartbeat sounding like drums. But all they saw were sheep grazing and Liam smiling as he lay on the grass.

The villagers blamed Liam and went back, their noses red with shame.

“Hee Hee Ho, that was a lot of fun!” Liam’s eyes shined as he laughed. As a result, the joke was repeated.

The villagers hurried in, but there was no wolf this time, only a laughing Liam! “Oh Liam!” they shouted as they waved their heads.

One evening, Liam did, however, see a pair of amazing yellow eyes moving from the bushes. “Wolf! Wolf!” he shouted and felt fear.

“Really! really! There’s a wolf!” But the villagers only heard the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” story again and decided to reject it.

The wolf was chased away by the mightiest ‘Baa Babble’ from brave sheep Betsy.

Liam understood the painful results of his joke. He apologized to everyone in the village and promised never to lie again.

And, in the end, everyone was happy, even the sheep! “Baa Babble, Baa Babble!” they shouted laughing with Liam, the child who had learnt his lesson.

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