The Fox and the Grapes

The story of The Fox and the Grapes In Aesop’s fable, can Fifi graph the grapes?

Fifi, a friendly little fox, lived in a forest. He had an active nose and a tail full of tricks. Oh, and he loved soft, round grapes!

One sunny day, Fifi noticed a bunch of the most beautiful grapes hanging from a tree. Like stars, their purple light twinkled. “Golly gosh, those grapes look as delicious” he said.

He ran to the tree. He jumped and hopped, but he couldn’t touch the grapes. There were too many grapes! He shouted. Many times he tried to get the grapes by jumping and hopping.

Fifi sat down, feeling dissatisfied. He returned his eyes to the fruit. “Well, I suppose they’re not as tasty as they look!” ‘I don’t need any sour grapes.’  “They are not enough yum,” he said. The Foxy Fifi walked away.

People who make negative comments about the things they cannot have should apply this story to themselves.

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