The bulls and the lion


In a vast and open jungle, there lived a wise and observant lion. This lion was known for his cleverness and cunning ways.

In this field, there were two, three, or sometimes even four bulls grazing together. The bulls were strong and mighty creatures, and they had a special bond. They realized that when they joined together and protected one another, they were a force to be battled with.

The lion, however, wanted to catch one of the bulls for his meal. He knew that it would be challenging to defeat them when they were united. So he made a clever plan to break their unity.

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One day, as the bulls grazed peacefully in the field, the lion decided to put his plan into action. He carefully approached the first bull and whispered, “Do you know what the other bulls say about you? They think you eat more than your fair share of grass, and they’re not happy about it.”

The first bull looked surprised and felt hurt. “Really?” he asked, “I never meant to take more than my share.”

The lion moved on to the second bull and whispered, “You know, the other bulls think you’re too bossy. They say you always want to lead and make all the decisions.”

The second bull felt offended and said, “I just want what’s best for all of us. I didn’t realize they felt that way.”

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The lion continued his sneaky whispers, telling each bull something that would make them doubt each other. He filled their hearts with suspicion and mistrust.

Soon enough, the once-united bulls began to argue and fight. They separated into smaller groups, each thinking the other was to blame. The lion watched from afar, his plan working perfectly.

With the bulls no longer united, the lion saw his chance. He pounced on one of the separated groups, catching a bull by surprise. The other bulls ran to help, but it was too late. The lion had succeeded in dividing and conquering.

As the lion enjoyed his meal, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt. He had caused the bulls to fight amongst them, and it had led to one of them being captured.

The other bulls learned a valuable lesson that day. They realized that when they were in agreement with each other and stood united, they were strong and could not be defeated. But if they refused to cooperate and let mistrust divide them, it would be easy for their enemies to conquer them.

Moral of the story: “When people or animals are in agreement with one another and work together, they are strong and can overcome challenges. But if they allow mistrust and division to creep in, it becomes easy for their enemies to defeat them.”

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