The Blue Fox


There was a cunning fox in a small, beautiful jungle. He was very playful, funny, and always walked around the jungle. One day, when the fox was walking around the jungle, he saw a strange blue paint bucket that was hidden among the fallen leaves. He wanted to look into it more because it was somewhat interested.

“Oh!!! It’s a paint bucket…” said the fox.

As the Fox opened the lid of the paint bucket, bright blue paint poured out of the paint bucket and sprayed all over the Fox’s body. With his beautiful new body paint of blue, anybody can’t identify him. The cunning Fox understood that it had a great chance of having a joke with the animals in the jungle.

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“Ha…Ha…Ha…I can have a fun with the other animals…” the fox laughed.

The Fox secretly moved toward the other animals in the jungle with its new blue body. He was said to be a special and amazing animal with uncommon skills. All the animals in the jungle were amazed by this uncommon animal.

“Ha…Ha…ha…everyone is deceived…” the fox laughed.    

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The fox thought of having fun with the animals and planned a tricky work for them. The Fox called himself as the King of the Jungle. He ordered the animals to do as he said. They were surprised. They had no idea that their funny and cunning friend, the Fox, was the unknown King.

The real king of the jungle is known as the lion. He heard about the unexpected visitor in the jungle. The Lion King, amazed and questionable, he decided to solve the problem with this blue colored animal and gave him a challenge. The fox was smiling and accepting the challenge with confidence, and he was trusting about his blue paint.

The day of the challenge arrived. All the animals gathered to see the challenge. The Fox, who was now the “King,” walked with a feeling of power. They were going to have a fight with each other. However, when the battle started they both had to scream at their own sound. It was a common norm in the jungle. The fox was unable to hide its sound. He got sad about it.

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The lion started to roar, and then the fox started to shout in his sound. The animals in the jungle were identified by the sound of the fox. Their cunning friend, the Fox, had tricked them. They felt sad.

The fox’s heart felt sad because of the damage his trick had caused to his friends. By lying, he wanted to win respect, but all he got in return was hatred and pain. The Fox felt a sense of sadness and shame as it understood the results of his lying.

The Lion King walked to the Fox and gave an important lesson about the value of being honest with oneself and having respect. The Fox understood the seriousness of his act and the damage he had done to his friends’ hearts. 

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The fox was hiding his tail between his legs as he ran from the jungle, feeling shamed and guilty.  He understood that honesty was much more successful than any cunning plan.

The Fox got strength to go back into the jungle and tearfully apologize to the animals. It showed deep sorrow for what he had done and promised to act honestly and faithfully onward.

“Please give me an excuse…I never do this again” fox cried.

The animals chose to give the Fox a second chance. Because the fox realized his foolishness. Understanding that everyone makes errors and that true friendship means giving a second chance for a mistake. They forgave their foolish friend.

The Fox got an image for being sincere, honest, and friendly after that day. The Fox felt a sense of family that it had never felt before.  The jungle blossomed with trust and friendliness.

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