Very Short Stories With Moral In English


A story is a great way to teach some morals to kids in an engaging way. Very short stories with morals in English are the best ways to teach moral education to kids in a very short time. If you want to read short stories with moral values in a very short time, then you are in the right place. Here you can find the most popular 10 very short stories with moral in English.

 Short stories with moral for kids

The Fox and the Stork

In a lush forest, a sly fox named Felix invited his friend, Stella the stork, to dinner. Stella, puzzled about how to eat, struggled with the flat plates of soup Felix served. She smiled and thanked him, but felt hungry. A week later, Stella invited Felix to her home. She served fish in a tall vase. Felix couldn’t get to it with his snout, so he went hungry. Stella kindly explained, “Treat others as you wish to be treated. Felix felt guilty and realized the value of sharing. From then on, he became a more generous friend.

The moral of the Story: Don’t be selfish because it will come back to you at some point.

The hunter and the pigeons

A cunning hunter made a plan to trap pigeons. He laid out a net and baited it with grains, waiting for the pigeons to land. As they pecked at the grains, they got trapped in the net. Amidst panic, a wise old pigeon proposed a plan. She inspired the others to work together. They each carrying a piece of the net in their beaks and flew into the sky, lifting the hunter and his net with them. The hunter begged for forgiveness, and the pigeons, showing kindness, released him. He swore never to harm the pigeons again after realizing their strength in unity.

The moral of the story: Unity is strength.

Wise Old Owl

There was a wise old owl named Ollie. Ollie was renowned for having the best eyes and senses of any bird in the entire jungle. One sunny morning, all the animals gathered around Ollie to seek his advice. They wanted to know the secret of his wisdom. Ollie smiled and said, “I became wise by being a good listener”. All the animals were surprised. “What do you mean, Ollie?” asked the curious rabbit. Ollie explained, “I spend more time listening to the sounds of the forest than talking. I listen to the rustling leaves, the flowing river, and the songs of the birds. This helps me learn and understand the world around me”. The animals realized the importance of listening carefully. From that day on, they talked less and listened more. They became wiser, just like Ollie.

The moral of the story: Be more careful. Less talking and more listening. This will teach us wisdom.

Wise Old Man

In a bustling village, there lived a wise old man named Samuel, who was well-known for his intelligence. One day, the villagers faced with an unusual challenge – counting a large herd of sheep accurately. Try as they might, their traditional methods fell short, leaving them puzzled. Turning to Samuel as their last hope, they explained the problem. Samuel, with a twinkle in his eye, suggested an unusual technique. He asked the villagers to bring each sheep, one by one, across a tiny bridge, marking them with white chalk as they crossed. After all the sheep had made their journey, Samuel counted the chalk marks. To the surprise of the people, the total matched the number of sheep.  Curious and impressed, they asked Samuel to share his creative method. He smiled as he stated, “Sometimes you have to think outside the box.”

The moral of the story: Sometime you want to think outside the box.

The Monkey and the Deer

There was a clever monkey and a kind deer. They were best friends. One sunny morning, the monkey and the deer decided to share their favorite fruits. The monkey loved bananas, and the deer loved juicy apples. The monkey climbed the trees to pick ripe bananas, while the deer reached for the apples on the tall branches. They gathered a bunch of fruits. But as they were about to enjoy their snack, they heard a sad cry. It was a little bird that had fallen from its nest. The monkey and the deer helped the bird back to its nest, and the bird’s family was grateful. And so the monkey and the deer enjoyed their fruits, knowing they had done something kind that day.

The moral of the story: Friends help each other, even when they have something yummy to eat.

The Colorful Caterpillar

In a meadow, there was a colorful caterpillar. He had bright, beautiful stripes on his body. He was the most colorful caterpillar in the whole meadow. One sunny day, a group of butterflies flew by. They had lovely wings of every color, and they all looked so pretty. When they saw the colorful caterpillar, they giggled and whispered to each other. Caterpillar felt sad. He wished he had wings like the butterflies. But then, a wise old ladybug overheard the butterflies. Ladybug said, “Don’t be sad. You may not have wings, but you’re the most colorful caterpillar around. Just be yourself.” Time passed, and caterpillar spun a cozy cocoon. When he emerged, he wasn’t a butterfly, but he had transformed into a stunning, vibrant moth with dazzling colors. The butterflies were amazed. They realized that caterpillar was just as beautiful in his own way.

The moral of the story: Never judge anyone by the way they look. Everyone is special in their own unique way.

Bear And Two Friends

Once, there were two friends walking through the forest. They promised to stay close because it was dangerous. Suddenly, they see a bear come their way. One friend climbed the tree, and the other did not know to climb the tree. So he lay down, pretending to be dead. The bear came near him, smelled his ears, and left him thinking he was dead. Then other friend came down and asked, “What did Bear tell you?” The friend replied, “The bear simply told me, never believe fake friends”

The moral of the story: True friends stand by your side in any situation.

The Golden Egg

In a farm, there was a kind farmer named Old MacDonald. He had a special hen that laid one golden egg every day. One day, Old MacDonald got greedy. He thought, “If I cut open the hen, I’ll get all the golden eggs at once!” So he did just that. But to his surprise, there were no golden eggs inside, only regular eggs. Old MacDonald had destroyed his precious resource. He realized his mistake and felt very sad.

The moral of the story is: Greed destroys your resource. Be content with what you have.

Benny And The Talking Shoes

In a colorful town, there was a boy named Benny who had magical talking shoes. His shoes could talk and dance! One sunny day, Benny wore his talking shoes to school. The other kids laughed and said, “Talking shoes are silly!” Benny felt sad and decided to hide his talking shoes. But without them, he felt unhappy. One day, Benny’s friend Emma said, “I like your talking shoes. They’re unique, just like you.” Benny realized that hiding who he was made him sad. So he proudly wore his talking shoes again.

The moral of the story is: Hurtful words cause hurt feelings. Be yourself, because you are special just the way you are.

The Lost Kite

A little boy named Tommy went to the park to fly his colorful kite. He was having so much fun until a strong gust of wind blew the kite away. Tommy felt scared and wanted to cry, but then he remembered what his dad had told him. “Tommy,” he said, “if you ever lose something, stay calm and think.” So, Tommy took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and thought for a moment. He realized that by slowly letting out the string, he could guide the kite back down. With a steady hand and a calm heart, Tommy brought his kite safely to the ground.

The moral of the story: Remain calm and use your clever mind to solve problems in tough situations.

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Benefits of Very Short Stories with Moral In English

  1. Learning Values: Short stories with morals teach kids important values like kindness, honesty, and courage.
  2. Imagination: They spark children’s imagination, taking them on exciting adventures in a few words.
  3. Concentration: Reading short stories helps improve a child’s attention span.
  4. Vocabulary: They introduce new words in a simple context, enhancing language skills.
  5. Problem-Solving: Stories often show how characters solve problems, teaching kids to think creatively.
  6. Emotional intelligence: They help children understand and manage their emotions.
  7. Moral Lessons: Each story has a moral. Teaching children about right and wrong.
  8. Empathy: Stories make kids empathetic by putting them in the shoes of the characters.
  9. Bonding: Reading together fosters a strong parent-child bond.
  10. Preparation: It prepares children for real-life situations, like handling conflicts or making good choices.

Very short stories with moral in English are like tiny treasure chests, full of valuable life lessons for young minds to discover and cherish.

Please comment below on what the best story is that you enjoy most, or if you have any suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

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