Wise Old Owl


There was a wise old owl named Ollie. Ollie was well-known throughout the jungle for having the keenest eyes and the sharpest senses of any bird.

One sunny morning, the forest seemed to hum with excitement. All the animals, big and small, gathered around Ollie’s wise tree. They had a burning question in their hearts and were eager to seek Ollie’s advice.

Ollie, perched high on a branch, gazed down at the curious crowd. His eyes gleamed with knowledge and kindness. “What brings you all here today?” he asked softly.

The animals shuffled their paws, flapped their wings, and wiggled their tails. It was the curious rabbit, with long floppy ears, who found the courage to speak up. “Ollie,” he asked, “can you tell us the secret of your wisdom? How did you become so wise?”

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Ollie smiled his wise, old owl smile and replied, “I became wise by being a good listener.”

The animals exchanged puzzled glances. “What do you mean, Ollie?” they asked with amaze.

Ollie spread his wings, as if about to take flight, but instead, he explained, “My dear friends, I spend more time listening to the sounds of the forest than I do talking. I listen to the gentle rustling of the leaves, the soothing flow of the river, and the melodious songs of the birds. It is through listening that I learn and understand the world around me.”

The animals blinked in surprise. They had always thought that wisdom came from speaking, not listening. But as they looked at Ollie, with his gleaming eyes and calm demeanor, they realized that his words held great truth.

From that day on, the animals in the forest decided to talk less and listen more. They sat by the river, closed their eyes, and listened to the soothing sounds of nature. They heard the secrets of the forest, the stories of the wind, and the wisdom of the trees.

As time passed, the animals found themselves growing wiser, just like Ollie. The wise old owl watched with pride as his friends became more in tune with the world around them.

Moral of the Story: Be more careful, little ones. Sometimes, less talking and more listening can teach us the most valuable lessons and lead us down the path of wisdom.

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