Lazy Rhino


There was a big, lazy rhino named Billy. Billy was the sleepiest rhino you ever saw. While other animals in the jungle were busy playing and exploring, Billy could usually be found sleeping under a shady tree.

One bright morning, as the birds were singing their melodies and the monkeys were swinging from tree to tree, Billy was sleeping out under his favorite tree, snoring loudly.

A little squirrel came up to Billy and said, “Hey, Billy! It’s such a beautiful day. Why don’t you come and play with us?”

Billy opened one eye lazily and grumbled, “Oh, I’m too tired to play. I just want to sleep.”

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Little squirrel, try again. “But Billy, there are so many fun things to do in the jungle. You’re missing out!”

Billy yawned and replied, “I’ll play tomorrow. Right now, I just want to rest.”

And so Billy went back to his snoring, while little squirrel went away to join his friends and enjoyed with them.

As the days went by, Billy continued to sleep under his tree, missing out on all the fun and excitement of the jungle. He didn’t join the monkeys in their acrobatics, the birds in their singing, or the zebras in their races. He was just too lazy.

One afternoon, as Billy slept under his tree, he heard a distant rumble of thunder. Dark clouds were gathering in the sky, and the wind started to blow.

The little squirrel ran over, looking worried. “Billy, a big storm is coming! We need to find shelter!”

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But Billy just grunted and said, “I’m too tired to move, Sammy. I’ll be fine here.”

The rain started to pour, and the wind blew through the jungle. Sammy and the other animals found shelter, but Billy was left alone under his tree, getting drenched.

As the rain poured down on him, Billy realized his mistake. He should have listened to the little squirrel and found shelter with the others. Now he was wet, cold, and very uncomfortable.

Finally, the storm passed, and the sun came out again. Billy was cold and depressed. He looked around and saw the little squirrel and the other animals, all dry and happy.

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Billy slowly made his way over to them and said, “I’m sorry. I should have listened to you. Being lazy and staying under the tree wasn’t a good idea.”

The little squirrel smiled kindly and said, “It’s okay, Billy. We all make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them.”

From that day on, Billy the rhino was a changed rhino. He joined his friends in their jungle, played with the monkeys, sang with the birds, and raced with the zebras. He realized that there was so much fun to be had in the jungle, and he didn’t want to miss out anymore.

And as he played and laughed with his friends, Billy was no longer known as the lazy rhino. Instead, he became the happiest and most active rhino in the jungle.

The Moral of the story: “Don’t be lazy and miss out on the fun. Join in and enjoy the life!”

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