The Lion And The Mouse


A lion named Leo once lived in the heart of a sun-drenched jungle. Leo was the largest and loudest lion in the land. “ROAAAAAR!” Leo would roar, making the trees to shake and birds to fly into the sky.

One day, Leo had fallen asleep under an oak tree when he felt a touching on his big leg. He noticed a little, frightened mouse when he looked down. With tiny, hopeful eyes, the mouse looked up at Leo.

“Please, don’t eat me!” cried the mouse. “If you let me go, I promise to help you one day.”

Leo’s noisy laughter came across the jungle. “HOO, HOO, HOO! “How could a tiny mouse help a powerful lion like me?” Leo let go of the mouse with a simple push of his foot.

Days followed into weeks, and life went on in the jungle. One afternoon, while exploring in the jungle, Leo fell on a hunter’s trap. “ROAAAAAR!” For the first time, Leo shouted with pain than power.

The small mouse that met from weeks ago ran by just then. When he saw Leo in trouble, he said “Stay calm, Leo! I will not let you down!”

He chewed on the rope with his tiny hands and keen teeth, making the sound “CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP!” Can you imagine a little animal like a mouse saving a powerful lion?

But he did it! The mouse chewed until the rope broke and Leo was finally free. Leo’s heart was filled with thankfulness. “I made a mistake with you, little friend. Ignoring my laughter, you fulfilled your word and helped me.”

Leo and the mouse were the best of friends from that day onward, showing that size does not matter when your heart is full of strength and kindness. Their laughter filled the jungle, as did the life lesson they both learned: never ignore the power of kindness.

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