The Frog Prince


Oliver was a young prince who had lived in a kingdom that situated near a beautiful forest. Oliver, the prince, was well-known for his kindness and deeply loves for the natural world. When he was free, he walked into the forest and talked with the dancing trees and listened to the beautiful bird songs.

One wonderful morning, while the prince was walking in the forest, he heard a weak cry for help. He was surprised and followed the sound. He saw a little frog sitting on a lily pad. The frog spoke, and the prince got more surprises!

“Are you talking!!! I can’t believe it!!!” The prince said.

The frog was known as Freddie. He begged the noble prince,

“I beg of you, an evil magician has taken a priceless gem from the inside of this forest. The existence of this forest depended on that diamond and now this forest is in serious danger without it”

Prince Oliver’s worried eyes got larger. He always had a strong connection with the forest and its creatures. He promised to help Freddie to find the stolen stone and bring peace to the beautiful forest.

So, Prince Oliver and Freddie started their dangerous mission. They went on secret routes that shown by the old owls and beautiful fairies. Together they travelled deeper into the forest. 

Prince Oliver had great confidence, and the animals of the forest helped him. They continued their steps on the mission. They were guided by a beautiful deer to a secret area. A shining butterfly gave a hint about the sorceress’s place.

Finally, Prince Oliver and Freddie came into the sorceress’s cave after passing dangerous areas and facing a number of challenges. As they carefully came closer to the cave, their hearts beat with nervousness. The air began to sound very noisy.

“Hey Freddie… we have come to the place…” Oliver said.

“My prince… I think she is the sorceress that we are finding,” Freddie said.

“Yes Freddie…be silent…don’t shout, ok…” Oliver said.

“Ok, my prince…” Freddie said.

They came to the mouth of the witch, a ghostly creature. He found out about her horrible history and the suffering that damaged her heart. She had forgotten the feelings of love and kindness for a long time. Prince Oliver, however, speaking to her with love and kindness because of his good intentions, did so. While asking about the stolen priceless gem, he touched the emotions in her heart.  

The sorceress gave up the stolen diamond after hearing the prince’s kind and lovely words. Understanding the seriousness of her behavior, tears began to fall down her face. Prince Oliver reminded her that the forest lived on love and forgiveness, and they all lived together very happily and friendly.

“Without the diamond, this beautiful forest will be destroyed” Oliver said. He gave a chance to the sorceress to be a kind and friendly person with forest and she agreed with it.

Prince Oliver and Freddie returned to their forest after having the gem in their hands. Together, they did an ancient ceremony for restoring the gem to its correct place, and as it did so, its brightness spread new energy throughout the forest.

The forest started to laugh and the air was filled with joyful melodies. “Thank you my prince…” The grateful creatures in the forest came to thank Prince Oliver for his bravery and strong attitude.

The brave mission of Prince Oliver became famous throughout the entire kingdom. Freddie made the decision to permanently settle in the forest as his new home. Prince Oliver admired Freddie for his strength to protect the forest. 

Prince Oliver and Freddie became close friends, and their friendship was so strong. Prince Oliver promised to protect the forest, for future generations.

“I name the frog as the forest’s prince” Prince Oliver said.

Freddie and all the creatures in the forest were happy with the words of the prince Oliver.

The kingdom grew as a result while being watched over by a prince who loves the nature.

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