Paper Plane


Is winning everything? Let’s dive into the paper plane story.

Once upon a time in Sunnyvale, California, there was a young kid named Tim. Tim was a little child who had an unusual love for paper planes. He would fold and experiment all night, hoping to make the perfect paper plane that could soar high and touch the sky.

One fine morning, Tim’s excitement increased when he heard about a paper plane contest at his school. He knew this was his chance to show his skill and prove to everyone that his paper planes were the best. Tim set out to modify his designs with energy in his heart.

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Tim spent hours creating his folding techniques at the playground, where he met a girl named Lily by accidentally. She, too, shared his love for paper planes, and they quickly became the best of friends. They shared ideas, laughed together, and challenged one another to build better planes.

As the contest date came closer Tim heard of a competitor, Jack, who had won all of the previous paper plane tournaments. There was a feel of competition in the heart, but Tim was not one to back down. With Lily’s help, he focused on creating his paper plane, which he named the “Sky Soarer.”

On the day of the competition, the excitement in the school hall was felt. Tim, Lily, and Jack stood next to each other, ready to show off their amazing creations. Tim lifted his “Sky Soarer” into the air as his time arrived, aiming to wow the judges. 

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Unfortunately, strong blast of wind was blowing and waving Tim’s paper plane out of eyesight. Sadness got over him, but he remembered his grandfather’s words:

“Sometimes, this chance may not about winning, but about the joy of participating and making new friends.”

When the judges were judging the planes, they noticed something unusual about Tim. Instead of crying about his lost jet, Tim ran to help Lily, whose plane needed repair. Tim’s selflessness touched the judges’ hearts and they gave him the “Spirit of Friendship” award.

Tim, Lily, and Jack’s new friendship was celebrated with a party that echoed throughout the hall. What really important was the friendship they built through their love of paper planes, not who won the competition.

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Tim continued to make paper planes after that, not only for contests but also to make people smile. He learned that winning was not everything; friendship and selflessness were more important.

Tim’s laughter echoed in the playground when Tim, Lily, and Jack raced paper planes in the golden sky. The story of the paper plane showed happy memories shared with friends, selflessness, and the strength of friendship.

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