Naughty Alex


Once upon a time, a curious and adventurous child named Alex lived in a little village near the edge of a big jungle. Alex was always filled with wonder and excitement about the world around him, especially the beautiful birds that lived in the jungle. His hobby was collecting colorful and beautiful feathers of birds. Because of his desire to see birds, he requested permission from his parents to visit the jungle one day. But they refused. Therefore one sunny morning, Alex planned to go on a bird-watching all by himself and deciding not to tell his parents.

Alex silently tiptoed out of his house. He went into the forest, where tall trees whispered secrets and colorful birds sang wonderful melodies. He was amazed and happy by the sounds of birds as he eagerly chased them. It seemed that birds were making fun of Alex. Their brilliant feathers were sparkle in the sunlight as well.

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“Hey… are you kidding me?” Alex screamed happily at the birds.

He moved further into the forest, by following the melodies of birds. Time had passed, but Alex had not noticed it. The bright sun started to set. Suddenly, Alex realized that it was time to go back home.

Alex searched for the path he had followed, but in his excitement, he had forgotten the way. He ran in all directions. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a way back home. His heart filled with panic. He remembered his parents.

“They must be looking for me everywhere” Alex cried alone.

Fear welled up within him, and tears began to stream down his cheeks. Lost and alone in the darkening jungle, Alex cried out for help.

“Please help me…”

“Aren’t there anybody to help me?”

“Mom… Dad… Can’t you hear me?”

“Someone please help me…I am feeling so scared…” Alex cried a lot.

Suddenly, a sweet voice whispered in Alex’s ear,

“Do not be afraid, little one.”

Alex looked up and saw a radiant angel standing before him, with golden wings and a comforting smile. The angel had been watching over Alex all along.

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The angel pointed Alex in the right direction, showing him the path that would lead him back home.

“You did something inappropriate today” the angel said kindly, “Remember Alex, always let your parents know where you are going. They worry about you and want to keep you safe. Never do this again”

Alex nodded, wiping away his tears, and promised to be more careful in the future. With newfound confidence, he followed the angel’s guidance and soon found himself back in the familiar surroundings of his village.

Running into his worried parents’ arms, Alex described his adventure and apologized for not telling them about his plan.

“You don’t do it again my kid… we were so scared about you… we love you so much” His parents hugged him tight, relieved to have him back safely, and forgave him with loving smiles.

From that day forward, Alex never forgot to share his exciting plans with his parents before stepping out. The memory of the kind angel’s guidance stayed with him, reminding him to be responsible and respectful of his loved ones.

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