Detective Bunny

Once upon a time, in a quiet meadow, lived a clever bunny named Benny. Benny had soft, brown fur and big, curious eyes that twinkled like stars. Benny loved to hop around the meadow, eating his favorite snack – crunchy carrots!

One sunny day, Benny woke up and stretched his fluffy ears. “Time for some carrot breakfast!” he said with a little bunny grin.

But as he hopped over to his carrot patch, he stopped and blinked. His favorite orange carrot was gone!

Benny’s bunny brain started rotating like a bicycle wheel. “Hmm, who took my carrot?” he wondered aloud.

He knew he had to solve this secret. Benny put on his thinking cap, which was actually a bright red cap with an engine on top.

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Benny hopped around, asking his animal friends if they had seen his missing carrot. He talked to Freddy the squirrel, Daisy the butterfly, and even Sammy the snail.

 “Nope, haven’t seen your carrot,” they all said.

But just when Benny was about to give up, he heard a tiny giggle. He turned around and saw Bella the bunny, his mischievous little sister, holding his carrot! “Gotcha!” she giggled, her eyebrows moving.

“You’re a sneaky detective, Bella! But stealing isn’t nice.” Bella’s ears drooped, and she handed the carrot back to Benny. “Sorry, Benny. I just wanted to play.”

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Benny wiped Bella’s head. “Let’s play detective together. We can find things without taking them.” Bella’s eyes lit up. “Really?” she asked. “Really!” Benny replied with a smile.

And so, Detective Bunny Benny and his assistant, Bella, started their very first case. They found Daisy’s missing ribbon, helped Freddy find his hidden acorns, and even located Sammy’s lost shell.

At the end of the day, Benny and Bella sat on a grassy hill, watching the sun set. Benny smiled at Bella. “See, being a detective means helping friends, not taking things.” Bella nodded, hugging her big brother.

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