The Hare And The Tortoise


A beautiful morning it was. When the sun rose, every animal in the forest got out of bed and headed to work. Baby animals waited for their parents at home while they arrived. The tortoise went to the pond to take a bath as usual. “Oh! I feel fresh,” the tortoise declared and then resumed his chores. He met an elephant who became a good buddy. The tortoise stayed for a while and spoke with the elephant. The hare appeared while they were conversing.

“What are you talking about?” asked the hare.

“We talk about something to make everyone happy in the jungle.” The elephant replied.

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The hare frowned and thought for a while. Suddenly he got an idea.

“Let’s have a race?” the hare asked the tortoise.

“It is not suitable” the elephant replied. Because he knows that the hare can run fast, but the tortoise cannot.

“I agree” said the tortoise.

The elephant looked surprised for a moment and said “I will inform all the animals in the jungle about your race”

The hare waited for the day because he was so proud of his ability to run quickly. The tortoise was invited to the race for this reason. Not only that, he declared to others that he would win the race.

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It was a lovely sunny day. Flowers were blooming and dancing in the breeze. The animals in the jungle were all dressed up and baby animals were also fed and dressed early in the morning. Everyone was looking forward to the race between the hare and the tortoise. All the animals were gathered at the starting point. All of them made noises about the race. Yes! The day had come. The tortoise and the hare were excited to take part in the race.

The elephant started the race. He raised the trunk and gave a single trumpet. At the end of the race, Lion had to present the judgment. The hare and the tortoise began the race. The hare took off running as soon as it began. The tortoise walked slowly as usual. The hare became fatigued in the middle of the race and looked back to see if the tortoise was approaching. The hare sat under a tree since the tortoise couldn’t be seen. Because he was fatigued, the hare fell asleep. As the tortoise walked slowly he saw that hare felt asleep. The tortoise’s purpose was to win in somehow. Therefore, he walked slowly with only one aim in mind, without looking back or paying attention to others.

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“Come on tortoise you can win”

“Come on tortoise”

“You can win”  All the animals in the jungle cheered loudly for the tortoise. The hare immediately awoke when he heard that sound. Hare looked back, but he couldn’t see the tortoise. He noticed that the turtle had reached the end as he turned to begin the race. Hare tried hard to cross the finish line, but he couldn’t. The turtle had already finished the race. The lion ended the race by announcing that the tortoise had won. Hare felt sad but he wished the tortoise.

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