Sarah Curly Hair


Sarah had the most beautiful curly hair you ever saw. Her hair was like a nest of soft, bouncy springs, and it danced when she walked.

One beautiful day, Sara got up early in the morning and went to school. She put on her uniform and skipped down the road, her curly hair bouncing with every step. As she arrived at the school, she saw her friends, Emily and Liam, playing on the swings.

“Hi, Sarah!” they shouted, and Sarah gave a big smile.

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Sarah loved the swings. She climbed on one and said, “Push me, please!”

Emily and Liam took turns pushing Sarah higher and higher. Her curly hair swirled in the air like a cloud of cotton candy. Sarah laughed with happiness.

After the swings, they all went to the sandbox to build castles. Sarah’s hair was like a fuzzy halo around her head as she gathered sand and giggled with her friends.

But then, the wind started to blow. It blew stronger and stronger until it was really windy. Sarah’s curly hair swirled around her face, and it got all tangled up.

“Oh no,” Sarah said, feeling worried. “My hair is all messy now.”

Emily and Liam looked at Sarah’s curly hair and tried to help. They combed their fingers through her hair, trying to make it neat again, but it was too curly to stay still.

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Sarah felt sad because she loved her curly hair, but it was all messy now. She decided to go home to fix it.

At home, Sarah’s mommy saw her sad face and asked, “What happened, Sarah?”

Sarah told her about the windy day at the school and how her curly hair got all tangled. She looked at her hair in the mirror, and it was still messy.

Sarah’s mommy hugged her and said, “It’s okay, Sarah. We can fix your curly hair together.”

They took a gentle brush and started combing Sarah’s hair slowly. It took some time, but they worked together, and soon Sarah’s curly hair was neat and pretty again.

Sarah smiled at herself in the mirror and said, “Thank you, mommy.”

The next day, Sarah went to school and played with Emily and Liam. This time, the wind was gentle, and Sarah’s curly hair stayed neat and bouncy.

Her friends admired her hair and said, “Sarah, your hair is so pretty!”

Sarah grinned and said, “Thank you! I love my curly hair.”

From that day on, Sarah learned that even if her hair got messy sometimes, it was still beautiful. And she also learned that, with a little help from her mommy, she could always make it look its best.

“No matter how messy things may seem, a little help and love can make everything beautiful again. Just like Sarah’s curly hair, we are all special and unique in our own way.”

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