Penelope Hidden Talent


What is Penelope’s hidden talent ?

A young-looking and colorful peacock by the name of Penelope once lived in the beautiful place of Birdlandia. Penelope got a deep sense of sadness among the other birds’ colors of bright feathers. He didn’t have such amazing, bright feathers to dance or talented voice to sing. He watched his feathered friends perform amazing acts of singing relaxing tunes or beautifully dancing in the sky. Penelope started to doubt himself since he thought he didn’t have any special talents or gifts of his own.

One fateful day, Penelope found up a forgotten paint pallet while he was walking through the blooming grassland. Penelope looked at it. “wow… colorful paint pallet!…” he was amazed. Suddenly, Penelope’s tiny feet danced upon the pallet of bright colors with a careless step, leaving left an attracting print on the ground. “Oh!”  He was amazed while looking at the ground. Unexpectedly, he had made amazing art on the ground. He realized something for the first time as he looked at his unexpected artwork. Penelope has an amazing talent for art. He was very happy with himself for the first time.

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“Yeah… I got a talent…” Penelope was so happy.

Penelope dived fully into the subject of painting because of his powerful interest and desire to discover his secret talent. Days passed into hours as he lost himself in the dazzling color pallet, experimenting with brushstrokes and letting him imagination run free on the painting. His self-confidence increased with each painted brush stroke. They created an amazing, colorful artwork for him.

“Wow… amazing arts…” Penelope murmured to himself.

Penelope, however, soon faced a lot of questions and difficulties when his other bird friends were unable to understand his newly discovered talent for painting. They thought it was a skill not related to a peacock’s job in Birdlandia, and they questioned the usefulness of such an artistic effort. Penelope struggled with whether he should give up his passion and live up to society’s expectations.

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When Penelope’s emotions were at lowest, Oliver the wise old peacock came up and stood on a nearby branch. Oliver noticed Penelope’s talent as well as the sense of sadness in his eyes.

“You look so sad Penelope…” suddenly Penelope scared and looked at the unexpected meeting.

 “Don’t let to hide your talents… show it to the world… you should win the world and color the world” Oliver said.

Oliver told stories of famous artists who had unbelievable talents and how they won the world with their talents. Oliver advised Penelope to accept his love of art and let him enlighten the world with his colorful arts.

Penelope decided to share his colorful amazing art with the world after hearing Oliver’s grateful advice and decided to set up an exhibition for his colorful and enthusiastic paintings. All the birds of Birdlandia received invitations for this amazing exhibition, including his questionable friends who questioned about the society norms.

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The day of the exhibition came. The birds crowded around Penelope’s wonderful creations, their beaks dropping in wonder. Their hearts and emotions were caught by the bright colors and expert brushwork of Penelope. After realizing the beauty of Penelope’s artistic creations, his questioning friends became speechless.

“Wow… those are amazing arts” Penelope’s friends said.

The success of Penelope gave the birds of Birdlandia to create any creativity by their own talents. They respected one other’s individual talents and helped each other to follow their dreams. They were now all together and be happy.

As time went on, Penelope’s paintings continued to color the Birdlandia. Penelope’s colorful paintings not only made his heart sing with joy, but also made his bird friends’ days better by bringing happiness into their lives. Penelope’s artistic journey gave life to an each bird felt free to follow their dreams.

Penelope taught us a valuable lesson about not to give up our talents. Develop your skills as you do and use them however you like.

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