Tony Said “Yes”


Tony loved to play with his friends in the park every day. One sunny morning, Tony’s friends came to his house and said, “Tony, let’s go play at the park today!”

But Tony had a big problem. He had to finish his schoolwork before he could go to the park. His face looked sad, and he said, “I can’t come today; I have to do my schoolwork.”

His friends were disappointed. They said, “Come on, Tony, just for a little while!”

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Tony thought about it for a moment. He really wanted to go to the park and have fun with his friends. But he also knew that his schoolwork was important.

Then he had an idea! He said, “Okay, I will come to the park, but only for a little while. I will finish my schoolwork when I come back.”

His friends cheered, and they all went to the park together. They played on the swings, climbed on the jungle gym, and had so much fun. Tony laughed and smiled with his friends.

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After a while, Tony looked at the sky. The sun was starting to go down, and he knew he had to go home to finish his schoolwork. He said, “I had a great time, but now I have to go home and do my schoolwork.”

His friends understood and said, “Okay, Tony, see you tomorrow!”

Tony went home and worked very hard on his schoolwork. He finished it all and felt proud of himself. He knew that he had made the right choice to do his schoolwork first.

The next day, Tony’s friends came to his house again and said, “Tony, let’s go play at the park today!”

Tony smiled and said, “Yes, I can come today!”

They all went to the park and had even more fun than the day before. Tony was happy because he had finished his schoolwork and he could play with his friends without any worries.

The moral of the story: “Sometimes, we have to make responsible choices, even if it means waiting a little while to have fun. Doing our work first can make us feel proud and happy, just like Tony.”

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