Ariella The Mermaid


Discover Ariella The Mermaid’s magical adventure in this captivating kids bedtime tale. Dive into a world of friendship and wonder.

Ariella, a young mermaid, lived at the depths of the deep blue sea, where the sunlight little entered. Her home was a wonderful underwater world full of colorful coral gardens and friendly underwater creatures. Ariella’s golden hair flowed around her like sunlight rays, and her glittering tail looked like the lush green of seaweed.

She discovered the secrets of the massive ocean, discovered strange objects and met interesting creatures. But Ariella wondered what lied beyond the waves, beyond her seaside home. She was eager to watch it.

Her thoughts travelled through a world of dreams, where she imagined herself moving across land like a beautiful dancer, loving the touch of soft sand with her toes. She had a longing desire at her heart to travel into the unknown world.

On one beautiful day, while Ariella swam among the beautiful coral reefs, her sharp eyes discovering a valuable box hidden among the coral reefs. With patiently, she carefully opened it, displaying a necklace decorated with a shining pearl. She had no idea that this necklace had a magical power to fulfilling her desires.

“Wow…it is stunning and shining” Ariella wondered.

With a soft touching of that magical necklace, she made a wish to move on to the land. Ariella’s heart filled with a desire to experience life on land and to enjoy herself in there. Suddenly in a beautiful moment, her twinkling tail turned into legs, and pushing her into a new world.

“Oh!… I am on the land!… a sandy land!…” Ariella felt happy.

While walking down the sandy beach, Ariella felt the sand touch her feet like thousands of little seashells. The world on land was full of vivid colors and noises. Her steps took her to a crowded coastal area where the air was filled with the sound of laughing and people enjoyed the relaxing touch of the sun’s warmth.

Ariella’s emotions were attracted by the human world. She felt an amazing sense of connection and happiness with her new friends on the land. They welcomed her warmly, as if they had been waiting for her all along. Together they went on an amazing journey on the sandy beach. Their hearts filled with laughter and their friendships blooming with unforgettable memories. They told beautiful stories on the land and laughed together. Ariella experienced the beauty of friendship and the joy of shared times with new friends on the land.

However, as time passed, Ariella’s heart began to desire for the calming underwater home. She missed the soft swinging of the waves, the colorful fish swimming around her, and the calm of the underwater world.

“Thank you friends… had a lot of fun with you… thanks for warmly treatments…”Ariella said.

“We too, come again dear” Ariella’s new friends replied.

“Good bye Friends” Ariella sadly decided to leave with unforgettable memories. Her legs turned into her beautiful tail as she returned to the water with a sad farewell.

Ariella carried her loved memories of her time on land. She realized that, while her real home was under the sea, her experiences on land had forever enhanced her soul. The journey taught her the wonders beyond her underwater world.

Ariella told her story to her underwater friends as she freely swims through the sea waves.

Ariella motivates children to appreciate the richness found in their aquatic world. Ariella the Mermaid’s story whispers in your ears, filling your dreams with stories about the underwater world and a sense of friendship. So, my kid, close your eyes and let your imagination fly as you enter a land where mermaids swim.

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