Luna The Little Elephant


Once upon a time, a little elephant named Luna, lived in a beautiful jungle. Luna was a cute baby elephant with big floppy ears and a tiny trunk that curled like a playful snake. She loved walking in the jungle, playing in ponds, and making friends with all the animals.

One evening, as the golden sun was saying goodbye, Luna felt a pleasant air touch her ears.

“It’s time to get ready for bed,” Luna’s mom called.

Luna made a happy trumpet sound and followed her mother to their comfortable elephant nest.

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Luna’s mom wrapped her trunk around Luna in a warm and loving hug.

“Are you ready for a bedtime story, my little Luna?” Luna’s eyes sparkled like twinkling stars. “Yes, Mommy!”

Luna’s mom began her beautiful tale. “Once upon a time, in a world filled with tall trees and sparkling rivers, there lived Luna, a tiny elephant with a heart full of curiosity”. Luna snuggled closer, listening to every word.

“Luna loved to explore the jungle with her friends” Luna’s mom continued. “She would chase colorful butterflies with Ruby the parrot and play hide-and-seek with Leo the lion cub”.  Luna giggled at the thought of a lion cub playing hide-and-seek.

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“As the moon raised high in the sky, Luna and her friends would gather around the pond” Luna’s mom whispered”. They would listen to the soothing melodies of the crickets and share stories of their day”. Luna closed her eyes, imagining the peaceful nighttime scene.

“Under the starlit sky, Luna would drift into dreamland” Luna’s mom said softly. “She would dream of dancing in the rain, flying with the fireflies, and having picnics with her friends”. Luna’s breathing became slow and steady as she embraced the magic of her dreams.

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