It’s Pool Time


There was a cheerful boy named Max. With summertime came Max’s favorite part of the day – “pool time!” Each morning, right after finishing up his breakfast, Max would hurriedly gather his colorful swim shorts, his bouncy beach ball, and his best buddy, a squeaky rubber ducky.

“Guess what, Mr. Ducky? It’s pool time!” Max would exclaim, his eyes glowing with joy. Max’s rubber ducky seemed to be smiling with him, sharing in his joy. With his beach ball tucked under his arm and Mr. Ducky clutched tightly in his hand, Max and his mom would set off for the community pool.

As they arrived at the pool, Max’s heart would race with joy. He’d dash toward the shimmering water, ready for a day of splashes and laughter.

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 “Hi, Max!” his friends Emma and Leo would call out, their faces lighting up with smiles.

“Hi, Emma! Hi, Leo!” Max would reply, his smile stretching from ear to ear.

Together, the three of them would dive into a world of fun.

They’d play games like “Marco Polo,” with Max trying to catch his friends by shouting “Marco,” and Emma and Leo replying with “Polo” as they dodged his moves. The pool echoed with their giggles and shouts, and even the sun seemed to join in, shining a bit brighter.

“Ring Toss” was another favorite game. Max, Emma, and Leo would take turns aiming colorful rings at floating targets. “Watch me, Max! I’m going to get a perfect score!” Leo would declare his courage, making everyone cheer. And sometimes, even Mr. Ducky would join the game, floating as a pretend target.

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One sunny day, Max’s dad decided to join in the fun. With a mighty shout of “Cannonball!” he jumped into the pool, sending water splashing everywhere.

“Daddy, you’re the splash champion!” Max would laugh, his dad’s antics creating waves of pure joy. His dad would wink and say, “Well, I learned from the best splashier in town!”

As the hours passed and the sun began to set, Max would find a moment of peace. He’d float on his back, his body slowly flowing to the rhythm of the water.

“Look, Mommy, I’m a star in the sky!” Max would whisper, his eyes gazing up at the changing colors of the sky. “Yes, Max, a bright and shining star,” his mom would reply with a smile.

As the sun set, Max and his friends would gather their towels and wrap themselves in warm blankets.

“I’m like a burrito!” Leo would joke, his laughter echoing in the air. Chuckling, the three would walk home, their steps light and their hearts full.

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