Little Red Panda


Little Red Panda lived with her family in a cozy den high up in the trees of the bamboo forest. One sunny morning, Mama Panda shook Little Red awake.

“Time to get up, my darling,” said Mama Panda softly. “Today you must bring a basket of bamboo to Grandma Panda’s house on the other side of the forest.”

Little Red Panda stretched and rubbed her sleepy eyes with her paws. She loved visiting Grandma Panda. And she was big enough now for her first solo trip through the forest!

Mama Panda packed a bamboo basket with dumplings and moon cakes – Grandma’s favorite treats. She tucked in a jar of fresh bamboo shoots too.

“Be safe and stay on the path,” Mama Panda told Little Red. Then she hugged her goodbye.

Little Red Panda put on her red cloak and skipped into the green forest, carrying the basket. Squirrels and colorful birds chirped in the treetops as she went along.

Soon Little Red Panda arrived at a fork in the trail. One path went left. The other went right. She couldn’t remember which way led to Grandma’s!

Just then, a bunny rabbit hopped out of a bush. “Excuse me, Mr. Rabbit,” said Little Red Panda. “Can you tell me the way to Grandma Panda’s house?”

“Go right,” said the rabbit before bounding away into the bushes.

“Thank you!” Little Red Panda called after him. She took the path to the right.

Further along, Little Red Panda came to a gurgling stream. Stepping stones made a path across the water. But they were far apart.

Carefully, she balanced her basket as she jumped from stone to stone across the stream. She made it to the other side without getting wet.

Little Red Panda walked on through the shady woods. Crunchy leaves rustled under her paws. Squirrels and birds chattered around her.

Then she heard a rumbling sound. Out popped a skunk from a hollow log! He sprayed Little Red Panda right in the face.

“Oh, yuck!” she cried, plugging her nose. She hurried down the trail to get away from the stinky skunk.

The next little red panda had to climb over a tall hill. She slipped on a stone halfway up and pulled back down with a bump.

The treats spilled out of her basket. “Oof!” she huffed, gathering everything back up. She kept climbing until she made it over the steep hill.

At last, in the clearing up ahead, Little Red Panda saw Grandma Panda’s little cottage. The scent of yummy bamboo cookies wafted out the window.

But standing in front of the house was a big, mean black bear! “I am the Big Bad Black Bear,” he growled. “Hand over that basket!”

Little Red Panda squeezed her eyes shut and shouted “No!” as loud as she could.

Suddenly, a swarm of angry bees buzzed out of the woods. They flew at the Big Bad Black Bear, stinging his nose.

“Ouch! Oh no!” he wailed, swatting at the bees. He fled into the forest to escape the swarm.

The door swung open. Grandma Panda came outside. “You arrived just in time, my dear!” she said. “That bear has been lurking all day, trying to steal my treats.”

Safe at last, Little Red Panda gave Grandma Panda the basket and took off her red cloak. Grandma made them each a hot cup of tea, and they shared the yummy dumplings and moon cakes.

As the sun set, Grandma Panda said, “You were so brave on your long journey today. But we’d better stay inside tonight just in case Big Bad Bear is still around.”

So that night, Little Red Panda slept snug and cozy at Grandma Panda’s cottage after her big adventure. In the morning, Mama Panda arrived to walk her safely back home through the forest.

“My little girl is growing up,” said Mama Panda proudly, hugging Little Red Panda tight. And Little Red Panda knew she was big enough for any adventure now.

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