Dr.Fuzzy Nose


Meet Dr. Fuzzy Nose, the furriest doctor around. He’s a guinea pig who helps cure all the little pet patients that come to his clinic. Every morning, he puts on his white doctor’s coat and sets up his office inside an old shoebox.

At 9 o’clock sharp, his first patient poked her little nose through the door flap. It was his friend Matilda the hamster, looking sad.

“Welcome Matilda!” said Dr. Fuzzy Nose. “How may I help you today?”

“Oh Dr. Fuzzy, I have the sniffles,” Matilda replied with a loud sneeze. “Achoo!”

Dr. Fuzzy listened closely as she sneezed again. “Hmm, it sounds like you have a case of the squeaky sneezes,” he diagnosed. “This special sneeze medicine will help.”

He gave Matilda a small drop of bubbly purple liquid. “Take this with some carrot juice and get extra rest,” Dr. Fuzzy instructed. “You’ll be squeak-free in no time!”

“Thank you doctor!” said Matilda, already sounding less squeaky. And she happily scurried home.

By afternoon, Dr. Fuzzy had helped three more patients. Gertie the gerbil came in with sore teeth from nibbling too many hard nuts. Harry the hedgehog needed cream for his prickly red paws. And Pippa the parakeet had a case of feather ruffling anxiety.

But his next patient was his most unusual one yet – Itsy the spider! She tumbled through the door covered in dirt. “Help! I fell off my web while cleaning and I’m too sore to climb back up!” she cried.

Dr. Fuzzy Nose gave Itsy a thorough check-up. “Hmm, just some bruised legs,” he told her. “This healing gel will soothe your scratches.”

Itsy smiled as the medicine eased her soreness. Back on her eight strong legs, she waved goodbye. “Thank you Dr. Fuzzy! My web is calling.” And she rappelled up her silky thread back home.

At the end of the day, Dr. Fuzzy sipped some carrot juice feeling happy. His little clinic might be small, but he sure helped a lot of cats!

The next morning Dr. Fuzzy hurried to open up shop. As usual Matilda the hamster arrived first. But today she looked cheerful and bright-eyed!

“Your sneezy medicine worked wonders!” she told the doctor. “I haven’t sneezed once since yesterday. You truly are the best guinea pig doctor.”

Dr. Fuzzy’s furry cheeks flushed pink with pride to help yet another patient.

Soon more animals were lined up outside his clinic. Rosie the rabbit had an upset tummy. Pablo the parrot needed help preening his crooked feathers. And Oliver the opossum required treatment for leaky nose syndrome.

Dr. Fuzzy expertly helped every patient, one furry or feathered friend after another.

In the afternoon, he got his messiest patient yet – Dotty the dog had stepped in some sticky bubblegum! The pink gum was tangled all over her paws.

“Hold still Dotty,” Dr. Fuzzy said gently as he snipped away strings of sticky gum with small scissors. Then he wiped her paws clean with a special cleanser.

“Good as new!” he told the relieved dog. Dotty jumped up happily slobbering the doctor with big, wet kisses.

Over the next few days, all types of animals came from near and far to see the excellent Dr. Fuzzy Nose. His reputation was spreading wildly!

Soon Dr. Fuzzy had enough patients to hire a nurse – his cousin Nellie agreed to help out. With Nellie handling check-ins and filing patient charts, Dr. Fuzzy could focus fully on helping everyone who waddled, crawled, or fluttered through his door seeking fuzzy-faced care.

Within a week, Dr. Fuzzy’s clinic was buzzing busier than ever with all creatures great and small looking for his special touch. From cats and hamsters, to ducks and lizards, even Missy the mouse who lived in the kitchen walls came sniffing for the popular guinea pig doctor’s cold cure.

One morning the critters lined up extra early to see the doctor, including Mr. Bingley the owl who arrived first. “I didn’t want to wait all day like last time,” he hooted impatiently.

“We appreciate your dedication, Dr. Fuzzy,” said Mildred the squirrel, waving her fluffy tail. “You really are a friend to all us small creatures.”

Dr. Fuzzy’s furry cheeks burned brightly upon hearing such kind words. As the long line continued, he joyfully kept helping everyone he could.  What a rewarding job it is to be the resident pet physician!

At the end of another busy week, Nellie planned a small celebration for the hard-working Dr. Fuzzy Nose. All the animals whose boo-boos he’d fixed pitched in to say thanks.

Pablo the parrot brought party crackers. Rosie baked tasty bran muffins. Itsy the spider spun festive streamers while Dotty hung balloons. Matilda poured bubbly carrot juice to toast their beloved doctor.

As his patients cheered, Dr. Fuzzy smiled brightly. Caring for the clinic’s many cats filled him with joy. There was no finer job for a guinea pig – even one with a silly fuzzy nose!

So if you ever need patch-up help for an achy paw, ruffled feather, or stuffy snout, look for Dr. Fuzzy Nose’s makeshift shoebox clinic. The furriest doctor around will have you fixed up in no time!

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