Kindhearted Tortoise


Tommy was no longer like every other tortoise; he became special because he had a heart full of kindness. He usually tried to make everyone around him happy, and all of the animals in the forest cherished him dearly.

One sunny morning, Tommy woke up and wanted to do something unique for his friends. He said, “I thought to plan an enjoyable walk for all of my friends in the jungle.” Tommy knew that his friends would be so happy about it.

Tommy began preparing for the picnic. He collected yummy foods like juicy strawberries, sweet apples, and crunchy carrots. Also, he made some delicious sandwiches and a large, clean jug of lemonade. He packed everything carefully in a basket, making sure not to forget anything.

As Tommy was getting ready, his friend, Bunny, hopped over. Bunny became amazed and asked, “Tommy, what are you doing with a lot of these delicious snacks?”

Tommy smiled and said, “I’m making ready a wonder picnic for all our friends, Bunny! I need to share happiness and laughter with everybody in the forest.”

Bunny’s eyes got happy, and he said, “That is so nice, Tommy! Can I help you get extra carrots from the lawn?”

Tommy gladly agreed with Bunny’s idea, and together they collected more carrots. As they worked together, they chatted and giggled, having so much fun.

The picnic started. Animals from all around, like squirrels, ladybugs, and parrots, began coming to the picnic.

When all were prepared, Tommy shouted, “Surprise!” All his friends were happy to see the large amount of food that Tommy had organized for them. They all shared memories, laughed, and played together.

During the picnic, a cute little chicken accidentally fell and spilled lemonade on Tommy’s favorite picnic blanket. Tommy could have been upset; however, he smiled and said, “It’s okay! Accidents happen. Let’s enjoy the picnic together.”

A small, cute chicken thanked Tommy for his kindness. She knew she had a real friend in him.

As the day went on, the sun began to set, and it was time to go home. They turned back to their homes and said their goodbyes, promising to have another journey quickly.

While Tommy turned to take a slow walk through the jungle, he heard a faint cry. He observed the sound and observed a child rabbit stuck in a thorny bush. Tommy used his strong shell to carefully free the child rabbit.

The child rabbit became scared and thanked Tommy with tears in her eyes. Tommy smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m right here to help. Just like friends need to.”

Tommy’s kindness touched the child rabbit. She invited all of Tommy’s friends and told them about how he had stored her.

The day of the birthday party arrived, and Tommy was amazed. He did not expect anything in return for helping the child rabbit. Everyone in the jungle gathered to have fun at Tommy’s party. There had been balloons, cake, and overjoyed laughter.

Tommy felt so cherished and happy that day, but he realized something important. He understood that when we show kindness to others, it often comes back to us in surprising ways.

From that day on, Tommy was the kindest tortoise in the jungle. He taught all his friends the importance of kindness.

And so, in the jungle, Tommy the Kindhearted Tortoise and his friends lived happily ever after, sharing love, laughter, and the joy of giving.

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