The Lion And The Cat


Leo the lion was the biggest and bravest lion in all the wooded areas. He had a golden mane and huge, sturdy paws. All the animals in the woodland looked up to Leo due to the fact that he became their protector.

One sunny morning, Leo started to walk through the wooded area. He cherished to walk underneath the tall bushes and feel the nice and cozy sun on his back again. As he walked, he heard a tiny meow. Leo stopped and looked around. “What’s that sound? He puzzled.

He followed the meowing sound and observed a cat named Angel. Angels became small and had soft, gray fur with white stripes. She had the tiniest paws Leo had ever seen.

“Hello there, infant, Leo said kindly. “What are you doing in the big, frightening forest?”

Angels looked up at Leo with big, spherical eyes and said, “I was misplaced, Mr. Lion. I don’t know how to find my own home.”

Leo’s heart melted as he saw how scared Angels became. “Don’t fear, little buddy,” he said. “I will help you find your own home. What does your home seem like?”

Angels described her home as having a purple roof and a white picket fence. Leo thought for a moment and said, “I know where this is! Follow me, Angels.”

Leo and Angels started to go through the forest. Leo walked slowly, making sure to protect the Angels. Along the way, they met a number of Leo’s animal friends:  squirrel, bunny, deer. Leo introduced Angels to every one of them, and they all welcomed her with warm smiles.

As they walked, Leo told Angels stories about the wooded area. He advised her about the huge, blue lake where the ducks swam, the colorful flowers that bloomed in the spring, and the fireflies that lit up the night sky. Angels listened with wide-eyed marvel and forgot his fear.

After some time, they reached Angel’s home. It had a red roof and a white picket fence, just like she had described. Angel’s was extremely joyful. “Thank you a lot, Mr. Lion,” she said. “You’re the kindest lion I’ve ever met.”

Leo smiled and hugged Angels gently with his big paw. “You’re welcome, Angels. I’m satisfied, and I may want to help you find your home.”

Angels invited Leo to have a cup of milk, and Leo agreed. They sat together in Angel’s comfortable little home, and Leo felt very small in her tiny dwelling room. But he did not mind. He was happy to make a new friend.

As time passed, Leo and Angels became good friends. They walk together in the wooded area and meet new animals. Leo even taught Angels a way to roar like a lion, although her meow became her preferred sound.

One day, as they were walking near the big, blue lake, they heard a loud noise. It became a set of huge, horrifying hunters with their loud trucks and even louder weapons. Leo knew he had to protect his buddy.

“Quick, Angels,” Leo whispered. “Hide in the tall grass and live very nevertheless. I’ll make sure you’re secure.”

Angels did as Leo said, and Leo walked towards the hunters. He let out a potent roar, and the hunters were so scared that they ran away as quickly as they could.

When it became safe, Leo went back to Angels, who were still hiding inside the grass. She said, “You’re the bravest lion, Leo! Thank you for defensive me.”

Leo smiled and said, “That’s what friends are for, Angels. I’ll be right here to hold you safe.”

From that day on, Leo and Angels have been referred to as the bravest friends within the wooded area. They walked together in the wooded land, but now Angels wasn’t scared anymore due to the fact that she knew that no matter what came about, she had a very special friend—Leo the lion—by her side.

And they lived happily ever after in the massive, inexperienced woodland, where they had many interesting adventures together.

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