The Frog And The Scorpion


This is a fable The Frog and the Scorpion for kids to read There was a friendly frog named Falan. He was known for his kind heart and willingness to help others. He hopped around, making friends with all the animals in the forest.

One sunny morning, as Falan was enjoying a swim in the clear, sparkling river, he heard a tiny voice call out, “Excuse me, Mr. Frog, could you please help me?”

Falan looked around and saw a small, striped scorpion on the riverbank. He was surprised because scorpions were not known for being friendly creatures. But Falan, being the kind frog that he was, swam over to the scorpion and asked, “How can I help you?”

The scorpion looked up at Falan with sorrowful eyes and said, “Mr. Frog, I need to cross this river to reach my family on the other side. But I can’t swim, and I’m too small to float on my own. Will you please carry me on your back across the river?”

Falan scared. He knew that scorpions were dangerous, and he was afraid to help. He asked, “But Mr. Scorpion, how can I trust you not to sting me while we’re in the middle of the river?”

The scorpion replied, “Mr. Frog, I understand your feelings toward me, but I promise I won’t sting you. If I did, we would both sink, and I would drown along with you. That doesn’t make sense, does it?”

Falan thought for a moment and realized that the scorpion had a reason to cross the river. It wouldn’t make sense for the scorpion to sting him, so he said, “Alright, Mr. Scorpion, I will help you cross the river. Hop on my back.”

The scorpion climbed onto Falan’s back, and together they began to swim across the river. Falan felt a little nervous, but he trusted the scorpion’s words.

As they reached the middle of the river, where the water was so deep and strong, Falan suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back. He cried out in pain and shock, “Oh! Mr. Scorpion, you stung me!”

The scorpion, with a sad look in its eyes, replied, “I’m sorry, Mr. Frog. It’s in my nature to sting. I couldn’t control myself.”

Falan’s legs started to feel weak, and he realized that he was beginning to sink. He said to the scorpion, “But Mr. Scorpion, if you sting me, we’ll both drown, just as you said.”

The scorpion agreed sadly and said, “Yes, Mr. Frog, I know. I couldn’t control my nature, and now we are both in trouble.”

As they sank into the river, Falan thought about what had just happened. He had trusted the scorpion, but in the end, the scorpion had acted according to its nature and had stung him, even though it meant their doom.

As they sank under the water, Falan couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness and disappointment. He had wanted to help the scorpion, but sometimes, no matter how much you want to trust someone, you can’t change their nature.

The Moral of the Story: In life, we should be careful about trusting those whose nature is naturally dangerous or harmful. Some people, like the scorpion, may act against their own interests and hurt others because it’s in their nature to do so. It’s important to be realistic about the intentions and character of those we interact with, even if we wish to see the best in them.

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