Bear’s Family


The bear lived with his family in a cozy cave in the forest. Every morning, he woke up snuggled between his little sister Bee and his baby brother Cub.

Bear would hug Cub good morning. Cub would say “Grrr!” and give Bear a big, drooly kiss.

Then Mama Bear would come in. “Time to get up, my cubs!” she would say in her warm, rumbly voice.

Papa Bear would stretch and yawn as he lumbered into the cave. “Who wants breakfast?” he would ask. The cubs would cheer “Me!”

At the table, the cubs would gobble up bowls of honey-oat cereal while Mama Bear made pancakes. Papa Bear would read the newspaper and drink his coffee.

After breakfast, Bear, Bee, and Cub would play outside while Mama Bear tidied up the cave. Sometimes they would splash in the stream or climb trees. Other times they would play hide and seek in the tall grass.

At lunchtime, Mama Bear would call, “Cubs, time to come home!” She would serve homemade honey sandwiches cut into cute shapes. Papa Bear always snuck an extra cookie from Bear when Mama wasn’t looking.

In the afternoon, the cubs would take naps while Papa Bear chopped wood for their fireplace. After their naps, Mama Bear would teach them new skills.

She showed Bee how to sew quilts. She taught Bear how to fish in the stream. And she helped Cub learn to walk by holding his tiny paws.

After dinner, the bear family would relax by the warm fire. Mama Bear would sing lullabies while the cubs drank their honey milk.

“Time for bed, my cubs,” Papa Bear would say in his deep, rumbly voice. He would tuck each cub in and turn out the lights. “Goodnight, sleep tight,” he would whisper.

One sunny morning, Mama Bear made a big breakfast of honey pancakes with maple syrup. “Eat up, cubs!” she said. “Today is the Bear Family Fun Day!”

The cubs cheered. They loved Family Fun Day. Each month, the bears would go on an adventure together. Last time they had a picnic by the waterfall.

“What are we doing today?” asked Bee.

“It’s a surprise,” said Papa Bear with a wink.

After breakfast, the bear family hiked up Mossy Hill. At the top was a giant maple tree with a door carved into the trunk.

Papa Bear pulled out a key and unlocked the door. “Welcome to our secret fun house!” he said.

Inside the tree was a spiral slide that went down to the bottom of the hill. With a whoosh, the cubs zoomed down, one after another.

“Again, again!” they cried at the bottom. So Papa Bear trudged up the steps in the trunk and slid down with each cub over and over.

Next, the bears went to a nearby stream. Papa and Mama Bear had brought fishing poles and inner tubes. The cubs hopped on the tubes for a bubbly ride down the stream.

After a picnic on the bank, it was time for games. First, they played hide-and-seek. Papa Bear was “it” first. The cubs hid behind trees while Papa lumbered around pretending not to find them.

Then they played tag. Bee was the fastest, zigzagging on all fours between the trees. But Papa Bear’s long arms could tag her every time.

By afternoon, the cubs were getting sleepy. Mama Bear carried Cub on her back. Papa Bear gave rides to Bear and Bee. They strolled home for naps.

After naps, the family sat outside their cave. Mama Bear brought out honey cake as a treat. As the cubs munched, they watched the sunset light up the sky in pink and orange.

“I love our family,” said Bear. Bee and Cub agreed. “Family Fun Day is the best!”

The next morning, Bear hopped out of bed early. “It’s my birthday!” he said. He was so excited.

In the kitchen, Mama Bear made a stack of honeyberry pancakes. “Happy birthday, my big cub!” she said, giving Bear a squeeze.

Bee and Cub came in holding something behind their backs. “Surprise!” they yelled, handing Bear homemade cards. The cards said “Happy Birthday Big Brother!”

At breakfast, Papa Bear let Bear wear his special birthday crown. It was made of leafy branches and acorns.

After the dishes were cleared, Mama Bear said, “Ready for presents?” The cubs shouted, “Yes!”

First, Bee gave Bear a new fishing pole she had carved herself. “Thanks, Bee!” said Bear, holding the smooth wooden pole.

Cub toddled over holding a small box. Inside was a friendship bracelet made of leather and beads. “For me?” said Bear, fastening it on. Cub clapped his paws.

Then Papa Bear brought out his gift. It was a ukulele! “I’ll teach you how to play,” he told Bear. Strumming the strings, Bear made a sweet melody.

Finally, Mama Bear led Bear outside. In front of the cave was a shiny new bicycle with a big bow!

The bear jumped on the seat and pedaled down the forest path. He rang the bell and called “Thanks, Mama!” as he sped away.

When Bear returned, the family sat down for a birthday lunch. Mama Bear had made all his favorites – honey-glazed carrots, fish sandwiches and berry cobbler.

That night after dinner, the bears gathered around to play music. Papa Bear strummed the guitar. Bear plucked at his new ukulele. And Mama Bear banged a drum. Bee and Cub danced around the cave.

As the sun set, the family curled up together near the fire. In his snug bed, Bear thought this was the best birthday ever. He was so happy to share it with the ones he loved most – his bear family.

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