My Friend Poppy


Lucas loved animals more than anything. For his 7th birthday, all he wanted was a pet of his very own. First thing in the morning, Lucas jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see if he had gotten his birthday wish.

To his delight, there in the living room sat his mom and dad, smiling, next to a big box with air holes. Inside, Lucas could hear little squeaks.

When Lucas lifted the lid, a furry brown and white guinea pig stared up at him with round black eyes. “Happy Birthday!” shouted Mom and Dad. The guinea pig let out a loud “week week!” that seemed to mean “Hello!”

Lucas reached in gently to pick up the soft ball of fluff. Holding her carefully, Lucas said, “I think I’ll name you Poppy, because you’re as sweet as popcorn.” The newly named Poppy snuggled against Lucas’ chest, feeling right at home already.

Over the next few weeks, Lucas spent hours playing with Poppy in her cage. He filled her home with tunnels to run through, wooden toys to nibble on, and fluffy beds to burrow inside. During floor time, Lucas laughed as Poppy zipped figure eights around his feet or climbed his arms using her sharp claws for grip.

Sometimes the silly guinea pig would poof up her fur into a giant fuzzball shape. She looked so silly that Lucas would roll over, giggling uncontrollably. Then Poppy would start hopping straight up like she was on a pogo stick.

Lucas loved watching his furry friend’s silly antics. And Poppy seemed happiest whenever Lucas was around to play with him. She would shriek excitedly when he opened her cage first thing in the morning or after school.

One day, a few months later, Lucas noticed Poppy had some bald spots and rough patches on her normally smooth fur. Mom said Poppy wasn’t feeling well and needed to go to the veterinarian.

At Dr. Martinez’s office, the nice lady vet smiled when Lucas told her all about his beloved pet. But when Dr. Martinez examined Poppy, her smile turned to a concerned frown. She gently explained that Poppy had a skin condition and needed medicine right away.

On the way home, Lucas rubbed Poppy’s soft fur a little extra in the carrier on his lap. “Don’t worry, Poppy,” Lucas whispered. “We’ll make you all better, I promise.”

As instructed, Lucas carefully gave Poppy special baths and daily medicine drops, despite her whistles of protest. After two long weeks, Dr. Martinez confirmed the treatment was working—Poppy’s fur was growing back nicely!

Lucas squeezed Poppy gently in celebration. “You’re all patchy like a patchwork quilt now, Poppy! But that just makes you more special to me.” Poppy snuggled into Lucas’ arms gratefully with a happy squeak.

At Lucas’ soccer game the next weekend, he told his friends Amy and Jacob about Poppy’s condition and her ongoing treatment. “She sounds like an amazing pet,” said Amy. “Could we meet her sometime?”

Lucas beamed with pride. “For sure! You guys can come over next Saturday to play with Poppy if you want.” His friends smiled and nodded eagerly. Lucas was so excited for everyone to meet his beloved guinea pig.

The following Saturday afternoon, Amy and Jacob sat on the floor of Lucas’ room, taking turns petting Poppy as she roamed. Lucas showed them how Poppy could catch mini marshmallows in her mouth and jump over playing cards like hurdles.

“She’s the coolest guinea pig ever!” said Jacob. Lucas smiled as he watched his furry friend entertain his new human pals. He was so proud to be Poppy’s owner and friend.

Over the years, Poppy remained a wonderful companion to Lucas through school, sports, holidays, and more. She celebrated when he accomplished something special at school or cheered him up when he had a bad day.

In the evenings, while Lucas did homework, Poppy would snuggle in his lap for pats and snacks. When it was time to sleep, Lucas would give Poppy an extra cuddle and whisper, “You’re the best pet ever.” Poppy would drift off into guinea pig dreamland, feeling like the luckiest fur ball alive.

Now Lucas has grown up with a family of his own. But his childhood friend Poppy still has a special place in his heart. Lucas knows he and Poppy will be best buddies forever.

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