The Witch Who Couldn’t Ride A Broom


Wendy was a pleasant witch who had a big, pointy hat and an effervescent cauldron, however there was one thing she couldn’t do – ride a broom!

Each witch realized that driving a broom had become an important talent. Every year, it was how they flew to the Halloween birthday party. Wendy couldn’t get her broom to fly, no matter how hard she tried.

One sunny afternoon, as Halloween drew near, Wendy sat in her garden, searching at her broom with a sigh. “Oh, dear broom” she stated with a sad tone. “Why cannot you simply fly for me? I need to visit the Halloween celebration too.”

The broom, laying against the wall, said nothing. In the end, it was just an ordinary broom. Wendy, on the other hand, believed in magic and in herself.

“I might not surrender” Wendy said, dedication shining in her eyes. “I’ll discover a way to journey you, broom, and be a part of the opposite witches on the party.”

With that, Wendy went into the Enchanted Forest, carrying her broom over her shoulder. She knew that deep inside the wooded area, there lived a smart antique owl who would possibly have a few pieces of advice.

Wendy walked and walked, and after a while, she came upon a tree with a hole in its trunk. Inside, a pair of shiny eyes blinked at her. “Who-who goes there?” asked the owl, its voice complete of curiosity.

“It’s me, Wendy, the witch” she said back. “I need your help. I can’t trip my broom, and Halloween is soon coming.”

The owl hooted thoughtfully “Ah, Wendy, I’ve seen many witches and brooms in my time. To fly to your broom, you need to believe in yourself and in the magic of Halloween. Allow your heart to guide you.”

Wendy thanked the wise owl and headed back home. She was determined to enhance her broom with colorful ribbons, much like the ones she saw the opposite witches use. She hoped that the festive contact might make her broom more magical.

With ribbons fluttering in the breeze, Wendy climbed onto her broom and whispered, “I accept as true the magic of Halloween. I consider myself.” She held her breath and gave the broom a mild push.

To her amazement, the broom lifted off the ground! Wendy felt pleasure as she soared through the sky. “I’m flying! I’m flying!” she shouted, her heart full of happiness.

Up in the sky, she joined a set of friendly witches who had been practicing their tricks. They cheered for Wendy and welcomed her to their group. Wendy felt like the happiest witch around.

As Halloween night approached, Wendy and her newfound friends practiced flying collectively each day. They laughed, they danced, and they even taught Wendy a few cool spells.

Finally, the massive night time arrived. The moon hung low within the sky, casting a silvery glow over the Enchanted Forest. Wendy and her broom have been geared up to sign up for the other witches at the Halloween birthday party.

The celebration became a whirlwind of laughter. There have been spooky snacks, magical video games, and even a pumpkin-carving contest. Wendy’s heart filled with pleasure as she found out that she had made new buddies and had ended up a part of the witchy community.

As the night came to a close, Wendy and her broom flew again to their comfy cottage. Wendy whispered to her broom, “Thank you for helping me trust in myself and the magic of Halloween. I couldn’t have achieved it without you.”

The broom seemed to give a slight nod of settlement. Wendy knew that it wasn’t just any broom; it became a special one, filled with the magic of her willpower and belief.

From that day on, Wendy may want to trip her broom every time she wants. She had discovered that the actual magic of Halloween was not inside the tricks and spells but inside the friendships and the notion of oneself.

And so, each Halloween, Wendy and her broom could fly inside the night sky, joining the other witches in their magical birthday party. And as they soared a few of the stars, Wendy could smile and say, “I couldn’t be happier. I’m a witch who can journey her broom to the magic of believing.”

And all of them lived happily ever after, flying through the Halloween night together, believing in the magic of friendship and self-belief.

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