Pete The Little Pumpkin


Pete was a small, cheerful pumpkin and he was not like any other pumpkin; he had a secret – he loved adventures!

One chilly Halloween night, a bright full moon shone in the sky, creating a lovely halo around everywhere. Pete felt a tingling sensation in his stem, signaling that something wonderful was about to happen.

As Pete lay in his bed, all snug and orange, he heard a faint giggling sound coming from outside his window. “Giggle, giggle!” It sounded like the laughter of happy little children. Pete’s interest was aroused, and he couldn’t resist taking a look.

He carefully rolled to the edge of his shelf and looked outside. What he saw made his heart dance with excitement! A group of kids, dressed as witches, pirates, and friendly ghosts, were skipping and laughing. They were going door to door, carrying bags filled with candy.

Pete knew he wanted to be a part of this magical night, even though he was just a pumpkin. He rolled off his shelf, bumping softly onto the floor. With a little wobble, he started to roll toward the front door.

Outside, the kids were still giggling and collecting treats. Pete rolled and rolled as fast as he could, his little pumpkin face beaming with joy. “Giggle, giggle!” he whispered to himself, imitating the kids.

But just as Pete reached the front door, he realized he couldn’t open it. His stem wasn’t strong enough to turn the knob. Pete felt a little sad. “What can I do?” he thought. “I want to be a part of this Halloween fun!”

A quiet rustling sound came from the bushes, as if the moonlight had heard his wish. A pleasant little witch showed up, her costume adorned with shimmering stars. She smiled beautifully when she saw Pete.

“Hello, Mr. Pumpkin!” she greeted with a giggle. “Do you want to join us on our Halloween adventure?”

Pete was delighted. He rolled toward the friendly witch and nodded with all his might. “Yes, yes!” he exclaimed, full of excitement.

The little witch used her magic broom to give Pete a gentle lift, placing him on her shoulder. Pete felt like the king of Halloween, riding high above the ground. He waved to the other kids, who cheered and clapped for him.

Together, they all continued their Halloween adventure. They visited houses with glowing pumpkins and friendly decorations. Each time they knocked on a door, they received candy and treats. Pete even got some candy corn and a shiny red apple, which made him very happy.

But the best part of the night was when they reached the spooky, cobweb-covered house at the end of the street. The kids dared each other to ring the bell, and Pete felt a mixture of excitement and a little bit of fear. “Ding-dong!” went the bell.

The door creaked open, and a tall, shadowy figure appeared. It was a kind old woman dressed as a friendly ghost. She had a warm smile under her white sheet.

“Happy Halloween, little ones!” she said in a friendly, creaky voice. “Would you like some special Halloween treats?”

The kids cheered, and Pete couldn’t believe his eyes. The old woman reached into a large cauldron and pulled out the most delicious-looking pumpkin pie. It was the perfect treat for a pumpkin like Pete!

With a grateful nod, the kids and Pete enjoyed the pumpkin pie under the moonlight. It was the tastiest pie Pete had ever had, and he couldn’t stop giggling with joy.

As the night wore on, the little witch gently placed Pete back on his shelf, right next to his cozy bed. Pete was tired but incredibly happy. He had experienced the most magical Halloween adventure, all thanks to the kindness of the kids and the friendly witch.

As Pete closed his eyes, he knew he would remember this Halloween night forever. It was a night filled with giggles, treats, and the warmest of memories. And with a satisfied sigh, he whispered to himself, “Happy Halloween, dear friends.”

And so, Pete the little pumpkin fell asleep, dreaming of the next Halloween adventure he would embark on with his newfound friends, the kids, and the friendly little witch.

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