The Pencil Maker


Once there lived a young man called Philip. His mother and father had died when he was young.  He lived alone. He had no any relations or friends. Philip grew up in a children orphanage but when he became young he had to move with the world that he was living. As a result, he left the orphanage and began to live in a new society. Philip did not have a specific career, but he was very intelligent. When somebody entered Philip’s home, they could see his amazing creative mind.

It was a day off for him. He had no any tasks to complete. As usually he went to the market and bought some kind of foods for him. Then he prepared the lunch and had it. He used to walk to the jungle after lunch. He found some fruits and ate them. They were yummy. He ate some more.

After a while he sat under a shady tree and had a nap. After few minutes he heard a strange voice.

“My child, can you hear me…I am the oak tree that you are sleeping under. I have completed my duties to the environment. I gave shade, compost, timber, oxygen and more…. Now I am old…but my trunk is still strong. Take me and use me for a good purpose.”

Philip was excited. He woke up, thought for a while, and looked at the oak tree. It has gone into deep sleep. Suddenly, he remembered the last advice given by the oak tree.

“Make sure that you should plant another tree in my place”

Then he began to cut down the oak tree. He brought the pieces of oak trunk to his residence and he decided to plant another tree in the same place. Next day early morning he went to the jungle and planted a new plant.

He thought for a long time “what shall I made from this trunk”

Suddenly, he came up with a great idea. He decided to make pencils from this trunk. “This may be a good purpose,” Philip thought.

He worked hard and made a lot of pencils. Philip was very happy. To achieve the best result, he decided to color the pencils in different colors. He talked to the pencils before packaging them in the box.

“Keep these advices in your mind forever, before you go around the world. Then you will become the best pencils.” Philip said to the pencils.

“First one, you will be able to do many great things, but only if you get into someone’s hand.”

“Second one, you will experience a painful sharpening from time to time. But you’ll be better pencils once you are sharp.”

“Third one, you should be able to correct any mistake that happen.”

“Forth one, what’s within you is more important than your outward appearance.”

“Fifth one, wherever you land, be sure to leave your mark. No matter what the condition is, you must continue with your duties.”

All the pencils agreed to take these words of advice to heart. Philip set out these pencils to the world. Finally Philip became the best pencil maker in the world.

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