The Mermaid Who Loved Snacks


Pearl, a mermaid, lived deep inside the ocean. She had a shiny green tail and loved spraying through the waves. Pearl’s favorite thing was munching on tasty snacks all day long.

Pearl woke up early and swam to her kitchen. She had a quick breakfast of kelp cereal and fish flakes. “Yum!” said Pearl. But she was still feeling hungry.

Pearl put on her flowing pink seashell bra and set out to find snacks. She explored colorful coral reefs, hoping to find something delicious.

Pearl spotted an oyster nestled between two rocks. “I bet there’s a yummy pearl inside!” she said, hopefully. When she broke open the oyster, however, there was no pearl, only mushy crap. “Eww!” frowned Pearl.

The disappointed mermaid kept searching. Soon, she discovered a patch of scrumptious-looking seaweed. “Seaweed snacks, my favorite!” shouted Pearl. But when she tasted the green leaves, they were too salty and made her tongue feel icky.

As Pearl swam further out into the broad water, her stomach ached. As she passed, tiny fish ran.

Then Pearl noticed a big shape up ahead. It was a sunken shipwreck! “Maybe I’ll find food in there,” Pearl said excitedly. She looked through a window into the barnacle-covered rooms. To her delight, she discovered a box of old crackers floating in the galley. Pearl gobbled up every last crumb and let out a happy burp.

Leaving the shipwreck behind, the hungry mermaid kept hunting for treats. Pearl gazed up and saw rays of sunlight beaming through the water. She had an idea. “I’ll go up to the surface – humans always have good snacks!”

So Pearl swam straight up, up, up. With a splash of her shiny green tail, she broke through the water into the bright sunshine. “Where am I going to find snacks around here?” Pearl wondered aloud.

Just then, Pearl heard laughter. She swam closer and saw two little girls playing on the sandy shore. They had towels, colorful buckets, and shovels. Even better, they had a big picnic basket!

“Welcome to our beach picnic!” one girl said to Pearl. “Would you like a peanut butter sandwich?” The girls didn’t even seem surprised to see a mermaid.

“Yes, please!” said Pearl eagerly. The girl tossed the sandwich into Pearl’s mouth. “Mmmm,” said Pearl happily, licking peanut butter off her lips.

The generous girls shared their yummy picnic feast with Pearl. She munched on potato chips, juicy grapes, and gooey chocolate chip cookies. Pearl tried sipping lemonade through a straw, but it just made bubbles in the water.

“That was the best snack picnic ever!” said Pearl after having the last cookie crumb. “Thank you so much!” The girls waved goodbye as Pearl performed a big backwards flip, splashing them with her sparkling green tail.

Full of tasty picnic snacks, Pearl swam below the waves and back home to her cozy seashell house. She settled into bed that night with a smile, dreaming about the delicious human treats.

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