Princess And The Dragon


Sophie was a princess who lived in a vast, beautiful palace with a shining pond and tall towers that reached the clouds. Sophie loved living in the huge palace, with its winding stone corridors and grand ballrooms.

Princess Sophie was very clever, and she loved to read books in the palace library, which was filled with thousands of books. She read books about science, nature, faraway places, and exciting adventures. Reading helped Sophie’s mind grow and gave her new knowledge and ideas.

Sophie was sitting comfortably in a big, cushy chair in the library, reading a wonderful new book, when suddenly she heard a loud roar come from outside the palace!

“Oh no!” said Sophie, closing her book. “What was that loud, scary sound?”

Sophie jumped up and ran to the tall library window. She looked outside and saw a huge, green dragon with giant wings and yellow eyes flying around the palace grounds. The strong dragon was breathing red, hot fire into the sky and roaring loudly.

Princess Sophie was frightened by the dragon, but she thought carefully and had a clever idea. She raced down the stone steps of the library and ran outside to the palace courtyard.

“Mr. Dragon!” called Sophie. “Can you please stop making so much loud noise with your roaring? I’m trying to read my book in the library, and your noises are disturbing me.”

The enormous dragon turned his large head and stared at Sophie with his blazing yellow eyes. “RROOOAAARRR!” he roared loudly. “But I like making loud noises! I want to keep roaring as loudly as I can!”

Princess Sophie frowned and thought hard again. There had to be some way to get the noisy dragon to leave the palace so she could read in peace and quiet. Suddenly, Sophie had another very clever idea.

“Mr. Dragon,” said the smart princess politely. “If you stop making loud roaring noises, I’ll give you a big plate of my very favorite triple chocolate cookies. They are really delicious!”

The dragon licked his large, pointy teeth with his big, red tongue. “Cookies? Yummy! I love cookies!” said the dragon eagerly. “Okay, I will stop roaring loudly if you give me tasty cookies to eat.”

Sophie smiled and quickly went to the palace kitchen. She got a huge plate piled high with warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies and brought them outside to the hungry dragon.

The dragon ate every last crumb of the delicious chocolate cookies. “Thank you for these wonderfully delicious cookies!” he said, licking his lips. “Now I will fly away and stop making loud noises so you can read.”

Sophie waved as the happy dragon soared into the sky, far away from the palace. She was very pleased that her clever idea had worked. Now the castle was peaceful and quiet again. Sophie excitedly went back to the library to read more of her wonderful new book.

From then on, whenever the noisy dragon returned to roar loudly around the palace towers, Sophie used clever ideas to get him to leave in exchange for tasty treats. And the princess was able to read her beloved books for hours without any disturbances.

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