The Little Mermaid


Far, far down in the deep blue sea lived a beautiful Little Mermaid princess named Pearl. She had flowing blonde hair that floated above her head when she swam. And Pearl had a shiny green tail that glimmered in the sunshine that sparkled down through the ocean waves above.

Pearl lived in a fanciful underwater kingdom with her father, the Merking, her grandmother, Pearlana, and her five older sisters. The Little Mermaid Pearl was the smallest, sweetest mermaid of them all.

The Merking kept his seven mermaid daughters very busy, for he wanted only the best behaved young mermaids in his royal family. “Good little merprincesses do not splash carelessly in the coral reef!” he would scold them. “And proper young merladies never stick their tails out of the water where any old ship full of humans might see!”

But Pearl longed for fun and adventure. More than anything, she wanted to visit the world above the water. Pearl loved to collect the treasures that sunk down from ships and try to imagine what they were used for.

One sunny morning, Pearl snuck away from her chore of grooming the seahorses in the royal merstable. Up, up she swam until she popped her head above the waves. Oh, how enormous and fantastic the world above seemed!

Way out at sea floated an enormous cruise ship packed with human passengers on vacation. Pearl dove under and zoomed swiftly toward the ship on her strong mermaid tail. With a splash she leapt up and peeked over the railing on the lower rear deck of the massive boat.

There Pearl spied humans doing all sorts of marvelous things she never imagined! Some people splashed in a big pool like a special pond just for swimming. One boy about Pearl’s age slid down a winding blue slide that curled from an upper deck down to the water below.

A trio of little girls dressed in frilly swimsuits danced together to tinkly music that played from somewhere Pearl could not spot. And off to the side, a teenage couple shared a sugary pink drink garnished with colorful candies and tiny umbrellas through two twisty straws. They laughed together at the silliness of it.

Pearl’s green eyes went wide with wonder. Oh, how she wanted to be human too and try all these delightful new things! She poked her blonde head up higher, grasping her webbed hands on the railing to see well.

Just then one of the little girls dancing spotted the mermaid. “Mommy, what’s that?” she asked, pointing a small finger toward Pearl. All the people on the nearby deck turned to stare.

“It’s a mermaid!” yelled a boy running over. The bustling activity came to a stop as more passengers rushed closer for a look. The cameras started flashing. The crowd oohed and shouted loudly.

Oh no! Pearl had been seen. Terrified of getting in trouble, she splashed back down under the waves in a hurry. Back down, down toward home she raced, her heart thumping almost as fast as her swishing mermaid tail.

When Pearl arrived, she found an anxious Merking and her sisters searching. “Pearl! There you are young lady!” her father cried, dashing to her side. “Where have you been? You gave us all quite a scare!”

“Oh Daddy, I’m so sorry!” Pearl squeaked. “I just wanted to peek at the world above for a tiny moment.” Then she told her family the entire story of her adventure spying on the grand ship filled with humans.

“This is very bad news indeed!” fumed the Merking, his bushy white beard quivering. “It is only a matter of time before those land people tell tales of seeing a real live mermaid! And we cannot risk them finding our kingdom.”

Sadly, the Merking decided his special Little Mermaid could no longer be allowed to swim freely through the sea. It was for her own good and the safety of the whole mer community that Pearl must be confined to the royal coral castle and its gates.

The guards locked the fancy swirly gate with the glittery pearls and opals encrusted on it. Poor Pearl gazed longingly out at the colorful fish and sea turtles that swam on by. Oh, how she missed adventuring with her merfriends Marina and Shelly!

Inside, Pearl moped day after day. She missed the feeling of ocean currents whooshing through her long blonde tresses. Her sad green eyes had lost their happy sparkle.

At night, Pearl’s grandmother Pearlana, would softly sing while brushing the Little Mermaid’s hair. “I wish I could see the world above and walk on land with the humans,” Pearl said with a sigh.

“But my dear, mermaids belong right here in our splendid sea,” her grandmother replied gently.

Then one morning there came an unexpected knock knock, knock upon the locked gate. It was Marina and Shelly popping by to visit their friend. “Pearl! We have wonderful news. There is magic on land that can grant you legs!” they told her.

“Legs!” Pearl cried joyfully. Then she could roam the human world above like she had always dreamed!

Marina and Shelly described a special cavern far away where dwelled the magical Sea Warlock William. “William can brew a potion to give you human legs,” explained Shelly. “You only need to bring him payment to earn his favor.”

Pearl knew her father would never allow such a quest. But she was tired of being stuck in the coral castle day after day. Pearl was determined to find this magical cave and convince the Sea Warlock to aid her.

That very night while the castle inhabitants lay sleeping, Pearl gathered her most precious treasures – shimmery shells, colorful coral necklaces, and a tiny gold tiara encrusted with rubies. These fine things would please any old warlock! Into a woven kelp sack they went. Then Pearl unlatched her window and squeezed out into the dark waters.

Down in a rocky ravine far away sat the gloomiest cavern Pearl had ever seen. She hesitated, feeling quite afraid of the dark for the first time. But finally with a gulp, the brave Little Mermaid swam inside.

In the shadows lurked the scraggly bearded Sea Warlock William standing before a huge bubbling and steaming seaweed pot. “Have you come seeking legs, my dear?” he asked in a gravelly voice.

Timidly, Pearl held forth her bag of ocean gems and gold. “Please good sir magic maker. I long to walk on land! Name your price!”

Cackling, the Sea Warlock agreed to make the magical leg potion. He stirred in stinky smelling spices, shredded slimy crimson seaweed, and strange bubbly aqua liquids from tiny bottles on the rocky shelves. All the while he muttered odd words Pearl could not understand.

At last William pronounced the mixture complete. “Drink up my scaly sea creature! Soon you shall have the limbs you desire.” He cackled again watching Pearl sip down the odd potion.

Suddenly Pearl felt a strange tingling start in her mermaid tail. It burned hot like fire! She flopped helplessly onto the wet cavern floor, gritting her teeth at the peculiar pain.

Before her eyes, Pearl’s shiny green tail transformed into two human legs and feet! She wiggled her five new toes in wonder. Why, she was a mergirl no more! The potion had worked its magic.

“Thank you, kind wizard!” Pearl cried joyfully. She longed to begin exploring the land right away on her brand new legs. But first Pearl asked, “Will I ever be able to return home to my family below?”

The Sea Warlock replied, “You may come back if the Merking himself gives you a loving hug proving he accepts you just as you are now.” Then William vanished in a cloud of inky bubbles and sea foam.

It took much practice to stand up straight and balance on her wobbly legs. But gradually Pearl managed to stumble from the scary cave feeling victorious. She was off to find her own adventures at last!

But life on land was not as splendid as Pearl had imagined all those days gazing longingly out the coral castle window. Walking on feet was such tiresome work. And Pearl found it was hard for a young girl alone to find food or help in the busy human world.

Months went by. Pearl missed her dear father and sisters dreadfully. She longed to hear her grandmother Pearlana’s sweet lullabies once more as she drifted off to sleep. Pearl mostly missed splashing freely through the delightful watery world that had always been her home.

At long last, feeling hungry, tired and ready to give up, the once-merry Little Mermaid found herself wandering a lonely stretch of rocky beach. The Merking’s kingdom must lie somewhere far beneath the crashing waves. If only she could find her way back to beg his forgiveness!

Just then something floated from the foamy surf right to Pearl’s feet. She picked it up in wonder – a delicate bracelet made of tiny glowing shells and opals. Why, it had been crafted by her own grandmother from shells found deep near the volcano vents!

Joyfully, Pearl scanned the waters, shielding her eyes from the setting sun. Could her family be searching for their lost little princess? Suddenly, she spotted five familiar heads bobbing from the briny blue.

“Pearl! Pearl!” they cried joyfully together. It was the Merking with her sisters and grandmother! They had come to reclaim their dear one.

The Merking swam close and gazed up at the girl with his Little Mermaid’s face but standing on human legs. “My beloved Pearl,” he said gently. “No matter what form you take on land or sea, you will always be my precious daughter.” He held his arms wide.

Sobbing with joy, Pearl dove from the rocks into her father’s embrace. The Merking squeezed his youngest girl tightly, not even minding her strange new legs. Just then, more magic began!

William’s spell was broken by the Merking’s loving hug. Pearl’s legs instantly turned back into her familiar green mermaid tail. She flapped it happily, once more at home in her proper aquatic world.

The reunited royal merfamily had a joyful picnic beneath the waves to celebrate. Pearl told them story after story of her adventures on land. Her sisters gasped and giggled over such odd tales about humans.

From then on, Pearl sometimes poked her head up from the water to spy on passing ships or search for lost treasures. But she always returned home to the sea where she truly belonged. For nowhere was her heart happier than down in the golden kingdom of the Merking.

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