Mitten’s Missing Yarn


Mittens was a very playful kitten who lived with the Smith family. Her favorite toy in the whole world was a big, fuzzy ball of red yarn. Mittens loved batting the yarn ball around the living room and tangling herself up in the string. The bright color made it easy for her to spot wherever it rolled.

One sunny morning, Mittens awoke from a cozy cat nap. She stretched her legs and arched her back in a big kitty yoga move. Then she bounded out of her bed and down the stairs, looking for the red yarn to play with.

But when Mittens slid to a stop in the living room, she did not see her beloved yarn ball anywhere. The red yarn was missing!

“Mew?” Mittens cried in surprise. Where could it be? She walked in circles around the room, sniffing for her favorite toy. But the yarn ball seemed to have disappeared.

Just then, the Smith kids, Emma and Noah, came into the living room in their pajamas, followed by their mother.

“Have you kids seen Mittens’ yarn ball anywhere?” Mother asked. “It looks like she can’t find it and she wants to play.”

Emma and Noah glanced around the room. “Nope, no red yarn ball,” said Emma with a shrug. Mittens meowed loudly in disappointment.

“Don’t worry Mittens,” said Noah, leaning down to pat the brown tabby kitten. “We can help you look for it after breakfast!”

In the kitchen as the family ate waffles, they talked about places the missing yarn ball might have rolled to. Maybe it was under the big armchair, or next to the bookshelf? Mittens listened closely, her head cocked. She just wanted her favorite toy back!

After breakfast, Mittens watched eagerly as Emma and Noah searched for the red yarn. They peered under furniture and inside dark closets. Mother looked high up on the shelves. But hours went by without a sign of the fuzzy yarn ball.

Mittens could see the kids were getting tired from so much hunting. Emma flopped down on the couch. “What if Mittens’ toy is lost for good?” she said.

Mittens’ tail drooped sadly. She jumped up into Emma’s lap, curled into a fuzzy brown ball, and let out a tiny, pitiful meow. She did not want her favorite yarn friend to be gone.

“Aw it’s okay, Mittens,” said Emma, gently petting the kitten. “We’ll take a break and start searching again later, I promise.”

Just then, they all heard loud crunching and crackling noises coming from behind the couch, near an electrical outlet.

Mittens’ ears perked up. “Could it be…?” she wondered. In a flash, Mittens sprang over the couch and crept slowly across the floor to peer behind it. And there was her red-yarn ball!

With the yarn tangled tightly in his little teeth was Mittens’ mischievous mouse friend, Squeakers! When he saw Mittens, he froze.

“Mew mewww hisssss!” scolded Mittens angrily. That was her toy! How dare Squeakers take her favorite plaything? She flicked her brown, striped tail back and forth.

Squeakers stared back at Mittens with his shiny black eyes for a few seconds. Then he madly began chewing and tugging at the yarn ball even harder with his sharp teeth.

“Rrrrrrrr!” growled Mittens, crouching down with her hindquarters wiggling. No mouse was going to steal her toy! She pounced at Squeakers, booping him on his tiny nose to make him let go of the tangled red yarn.

Squeakers squeaked in terror and dropped the saliva-covered ball. Then he scurried at top speed out from behind the couch and escaped into a small hole in the wall where Mittens could not chase him.

Mittens grabbed the slimy yarn triumphantly in her mouth and brought it right over to Mother.

“You found it!” cheered Noah. “Our little detective Mittens caught the yarn ball thief!” The family laughed when they realized it was naughty Squeakers the mouse.

Mother gave Mittens a fresh new yarn ball to play with. “We better keep both of these put away high up when nobody is home,” said Mother. “Just so there’s no more silly yarn-napping by mice!” Mittens meowed happily in agreement. She was glad to be back with her beloved, colorful yarn.

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