The Deer And His Horns


One hot day, the deer felt very thirsty, so he went to a pond to satisfy his thirst. As he bent down to drink, he noticed his reflection in the shimmering water.

The deer saw his beautiful horns—the big, twisty horns on his head. He felt proud and thought to himself, “Oh, how splendid and powerful I look with these mighty horns!”

But as he continued to gaze at his reflection, he also saw his skinny legs. His legs seemed weak and tiny compared to his strong horns, and he felt a little sad.

Just then, out of nowhere, a strong lion suddenly arrived towards him! The deer’s heart raced, and without wasting a moment, he came into action. His legs carried him swiftly through the forest, and he raced away from the chasing lion.

You see, a deer’s strength lies in its legs, which are incredibly fast, while a lion’s strength comes from its powerful heart.

As long as the deer raced across the open plain, he stayed ahead of the lion, his tiny legs supporting him to safety. But then, as the deer dashed into the dense forest, his strong antlers got wrapped in the branches of the trees. He struggled to break free, but it was too late. The lion caught up to him, ready to jump.

In that very moment, as the lion was about to hit, the deer couldn’t help but think, “How strange things are! My thin legs nearly saved me from the lion’s jaws, and my strong horns have cost me my life.”

With a broken heart, the deer learned an important lesson that day: it’s not always the strong and powerful features in us that mean the most, but it’s usually the simpler, humble qualities that can be our greatest strength in times of need.

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