The Lion And The Rabbit


A powerful lion was the king in the jungle and ruled with might in the jungle. The lion would hunt and kill even when he was full, just to show his strength. The other animals in the jungle were very afraid of him.

So, the jungle animals gathered to find a way to stop the lion from harming them. They came up with a plan. Each day, one animal would go to the lion and offer to be the lion’s meal, hoping this would satisfy him.

When they spoke to the lion, they said, “It will be easier for you. You won’t have to hunt; you can just eat the animal that comes to you.” The lion agreed, but he roared loudly, saying, “The animal must come at my regular mealtime. I, the jungle’s king, won’t wait for anyone.”

The next day, it was the old rabbit’s turn to be the lion’s meal. The wise old rabbit walked slowly, chatted with friends, and chewed on grass along the way. He had time to think. By the time he reached the lion, the sun was setting, and it was very late, far past the lion’s mealtime.

The lion was very hungry and roared in anger at the rabbit. “Why are you so late?”

The rabbit replied, “Great King, it’s not my fault. A terrible lion stopped me on my way here. I’m lucky to have escaped with my life!”

The lion listened, and the rabbit continued, “I see him before me now. He has a long, thick mane just like you, a strong body just like you, and sharp claws and teeth, just like you.”

The lion grew furious. “Another lion in my jungle!” he shouted. “Take me to see him.”

“Of course, my king, follow me,” said the rabbit, leading the lion to a well. “Look, that terrible lion is right down there!”

The lion peered into the well and saw his reflection. He believed it was his enemy, the new lion the rabbit had described. The lion let out a mighty roar!

His roar echoed back, and the lion demanded, “Who are you?”

The same question echoed, and the lion roared again, “I am the king of this jungle!” This too echoed from the well.

“How dare you come here?” The lion raged, hearing the same words echo from the well.

The lion was filled with anger and jumped into the well to attack his enemy, but he drowned instantly.

The rabbit returned to the other animals and told them how the lion had attacked his own reflection in the well. The lion was gone forever, and they would no longer be hunted by him.

The Moral of the story: cleverness can be more powerful than physical might in solving problems and facing challenges.

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