The Blind Men And The Elephant


In a small, non-violent village, there lived a group of blind men. One day, they heard whispers within the town that an odd and superhuman creature known as an elephant had arrived. They wanted to know but had no idea what an elephant looked like because they had never seen one.

The blind men gathered together, excited and eager to look into it. “We should examine and know this elephant by means of touch, which we’re successful at.”

So they walked to find the elephant. When they arrived, they carefully reached for the awesome creature. Each guy reached out his hand and started out to discover and understand the elephant with their sense of touch.

The first blind man, whose hand landed on the elephant’s lengthy, strong trunk, said, “This being is like a thick snake.”

The second blind guy, who had his hand on the elephant’s giant ear, felt it and said, “It looks as if a form of fan is waving lightly in the wind.”

The third blind man, together with his hand touching the elephant’s sturdy leg, hopefully said, “The elephant is like a pillar, similar to a tall tree trunk.”

The fourth blind guy touched the elephant’s large part and said, “This elephant looks like a wall, strong and powerful.”

The 5th blind guy, who was keeping onto the elephant’s swishing tail, said, “The elephant is like a rope, skinny and flexible.”

The ultimate blind guy, his hand exploring the elephant’s sharp tusk, said, “The elephant is that which is tough, clean, and seems like a spear.”

Each blind man believed what they’d touched turned into the whole thing of the elephant, and they began to argue with one another. The guy who had touched the trunk said, “It’s a thick snake.” The one who had touched the ear argued, “No, it is a fan.” They all had their own ideas, and none may want to agree on what the elephant virtually changed into.

A sensible villager passing through overheard their debate and came near them. He patiently explained, “My dear friends, you all are correct. The elephant is a fantastic creature with many body parts. What you touched is only a small piece of the entire”

The blind men listened, and slowly they started to understand. They realized that their men’s or women’s experiences had been real, but they had also been incomplete. The elephant became more than any of them had felt.

From that day on, the blind men didn’t argue. Instead, they shared their different views and listened to each other.

The Moral of the Story: The story of the blind men and the elephant teaches us that each of our ideas may be real but incomplete. People may also see matters in another way based on their opinions, and it’s important to listen to and agree with those differing ideas.

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