The Baby Rabbit And The Baby Elephant


Baby Elephant lived with his herd in the grassy savanna. He spent his days playing with the other baby elephants, splashing in muddy puddles and learning to use his long trunk.

One morning, Baby Elephant wandered away from the herd. He came upon a small rabbit burrow at the base of a tree.

Peeking out of the hole was a tiny baby rabbit. She had fluffy white fur and long floppy ears.

“Hello!” said Baby Elephant. “My name is Eddie. What’s your name?”

“I’m Ruby,” said the shy baby rabbit in a small, squeaky voice.

“Want to play?” asked Eddie.

“Oh yes, please!” said Ruby. She hopped out of the burrow. Ruby was much smaller than Eddie, but that didn’t stop them from playing.

First, they played chase. Ruby bounced quickly on her strong legs as Eddie stumbled behind trying to catch her with his trunk.

Next, they rolled down a small grassy hill, bumping and laughing all the way down.

After playing in the meadow, the new friends went to a mud puddle. Ruby hopped right in, splashing muddy water everywhere.

Eddie sucked up mud with his trunk and sprayed Ruby, getting her fur all dirty. They both giggled and giggled.

Soon, it was starting to get dark. “I have to go home now,” said Ruby. “My mama will worry.”

“Okay, bye Ruby!” said Eddie. “See you tomorrow!”

The next day, Eddie hurried back to the rabbit burrow. He was happy to see Ruby peeking out, waiting for him.

“Can you come to meet my family today?” Ruby asked Eddie.

“Sure!” said Eddie. He followed Ruby down into the dark burrow. It was a tight squeeze!

Underground, Ruby introduced Eddie to her mama bunny, papa bunny, and her baby bunny brothers and sisters. They were all fluffy and round.

“Welcome!” said the mama bunny. She gave Eddie a tiny carrot to munch on.

Then Eddie and Ruby crawled back out to play. They munched clover and dandelions side by side. Eddie used his trunk to give Ruby rides on his back.

Now that they were friends, Eddie and Ruby played together every day.

One morning, Mama Elephant had news for Eddie. “You’re going to school today!” she said.

Eddie was nervous, but excited. He walked with the baby elephants to a big open classroom under an acacia tree.

All the animals of the savanna were there – zebras, giraffes, rhinos and more. Eddie looked around but didn’t see his friend Ruby.

Just as the lesson was about to start, Eddie heard a tiny voice yell “Wait for me!”

It was Ruby! She bounced up to join the class, out of breath from hopping so far.

“You’re going to school too?” Eddie said he was happy to see his friend.

The teacher, Miss Giraffe, said “Good morning class! Let’s learn our ABC’s today.”

All the animals sat together reciting the alphabet. When they took a snack break, Eddie and Ruby shared bananas and carrots.

After school, the whole class played together. Rhino pounced, zebras raced, and impalas leaped over fences.

Though Ruby was the littlest student, she could hop higher than anyone else! Eddie spun his trunk around happily watching his speedy friend bounce.

At the end of the day, they walked home together. “School is fun!” said Ruby. “I’m glad we go together, Eddie!” The elephant and rabbit waved goodbye until tomorrow.

Every day Eddie the elephant and Ruby the rabbit went to school side by side. They became best friends and were never far apart.

Wherever Eddie’s herd traveled on the savanna, Ruby’s bunny family would follow along so the friends could play every day.

And that’s the story of how baby animals from very different families can still be the best of friends.

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