Kyle Met God


Kyle was always asking questions and seeking answers to things that confused him. But one question is at the top of his list: ‘Who is God, and where can I find Him?’

Kyle decided to start on a journey to search for God. He packed a small bag with some food, his favorite toy, and a pocket book to write down what he discovered. With dedication in his heart and a sparkle in his eyes, he set out on his journey.

As Kyle walked through the village, he met unique people who were deep in their personal thoughts and activities. He asked them, “Do you know where I can find God?” Some stated, “God lives in the tallest mountains,” while others said, “God lives in the quietest forests.” A few even replied, “You can most effectively find God in a grand temple.”

Kyle listened to their advice and began his journey. He climbed the tallest mountains, wandered through the quietest forests, and visited grand temples. But regardless of where he appeared, he could not find God.

One day, as Kyle rested near the river, he saw his reflection in the water. He noticed his personal eyes full of interest, his fingers eager to discover, and his heart full of surprise. It made him wonder, “Could God be inside me?”

Kyle started to ask people he met along the way a new question: “How can I recognize God within me?” He spoke to wise elders, listened to their tales, and learned about meditation and prayer. He realized that by looking inside himself, he could discover a connection to something powerful.

As he practiced meditation and prayer, Kyle felt a sense of peace and understanding growing inside him. He found out that understanding himself was like finding a bit of God inside his own heart.

Years passed, and Kyle returned to his village, not as a boy but as a wise young man. He told the people of his journey and what he had learned: “Before we search for God in other places, first we should want to know ourselves. God isn’t always in mountains, forests, or temples. God is within us, in our kindness, love, and the way we deal with others.”

The villagers listened, and many of them started on their own paths of self-discovery. They learned that with information, they could connect to the kindness and love found within everyone and everything.

From that day on, Kyle has become known as the younger man who found God inside himself. He showed anybody that, in reality, one should first understand themselves and the affection and kindness that they keep in their hearts.

And so, in that small village, the humans found out that the most meaningful journey of all is the one that ends in understanding oneself before trying to find God inside the world.

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