How Turtle Helped Make The Earth


There was a time when the whole earth was covered in water. There was no sun, moon, or star to be seen in the dark sky. The water poured everywhere, and there was no land for anyone to stand on.

But there were two special creatures: Turtle and his dear friend. They arrived on a tiny boat from the north, searching for a place to call home. They looked up and saw a strange rope made of feathers hanging down from the sky.

Someone dropped the rope, and that someone was Begins-the-Earth. His face remained hidden, but his body glowed as brilliantly as the sun.

Turtle, with hope in his eyes, spoke up, “Dear Brother, could you please make some dry land for me? A place where I can rest away from the water’s embrace?”

Begins-the- Earth turned to Turtle and said, “You desire dry land, my friend, but where can I find earth to create it?”

Turtle, who wanted to help himself and his friend, had an idea. “Tie a heavy rock to my left arm, and I will dive deep into the water to collect some earth.” With those words, he leaped into the deep, dark water.

The turtle spent six years beneath the water’s surface, tirelessly gathering soil. When he reappeared, he discovered that the majority of the soil he had gathered had been washed away by the endless waves. Only a tiny bit remained, buried beneath his nails.

Begins-the- Earth, in his wisdom, removed that priceless piece of soil from under Turtle’s nails with a sharp stone knife. He held it in his hand, and with each glance, it grew larger and larger until it was the size of the whole earth.

The planet is no longer a sea of endless water. Instead, it created a beautiful, dry land surrounded by big mountains. The turtle had swum deep into the ocean and, with the help of Begins-the-Earth’s magic touch, created the land they were standing on.

And so, the world was no longer dark and endless; it was filled with life and beauty, thanks to the bravery and determination of a small turtle and the magic of Begins-the-Earth.

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