Adam Wanted To Be Happy


Adam lived in a beautiful little village called Happy Ville. Adam, though surrounded by laughter and smiles, always seemed a bit sad. He just didn’t know how to be as happy as the other kids in Happy Ville.

One day, Adam decided to talk to his best friend, Brook the bear. Brook was not just any bear; he was wise and knew a lot about being happy.

Adam looked at Brook and said, “Brook, how can I be as happy as everyone else here in Happy Ville?”

Brook the Bear smiled and replied, “Well, Adam, being happy is a piece of cake! Let me share some special secrets with you.”

Secret 1: Find What You Love

“First,” Brook said with a twinkle in his eyes, “think about the things that make your heart happy. It might be your favorite toy, a super yummy ice cream cone, or playing with your friends. Doing what you love will make you super happy.”

Adam thought long and hard about how much he loved his toy truck. It always made him smile as he pushed it into the garden.

Secret 2: Share Your Joy

“Next,” Brook continued, “sharing is the key! Share your toys, your snacks, and your joy with your friends. When you make others happy, your own happiness will grow.”

Adam liked this idea a lot. He decided to share his delicious cookies with his friends during snack time.

Secret 3: Have Fun and Giggle

“Third,” Brook said with a great big laugh, “never forget to have lots of fun and laugh out loud! Run around, jump, and let the smiles flow. When you play and laugh, happiness will come with you.”

Adam and Brook started jumping and laughing together. Adam felt like his heart was doing a happy dance.

Secret 4: Talk about Your Feelings

“Lastly,” Brook said softly, “if you ever feel a little sad or mad, it’s totally okay to talk about your feelings. Share them with someone you trust, like your mom, dad, or a friend. They’ll help you feel better.”

So, Adam followed Brook’s secrets, and before he knew it, he was the happiest little boy in all of Happy Ville! He played with his friends, shared his toys, smiled, and talked about his feelings whenever he needed to.

And guess what happened? Adam’s huge smile lit up Happy Ville even more, making everyone else even happier!

So, my dear friends, just like Adam, you can find your happiness too. Discover what you love, share your joy, have fun and giggle, and don’t forget to talk about your feelings. Happiness is all around you, waiting for you to find it!

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