Wolf Wants White Cap


Howler’s fur was as white as snow. His pointy ears perked up to catch sounds from miles away. And he could howl the loudest howl for miles around!

One winter morning, Howler woke up hungry. He wandered out of his warm, cozy den, his paws crunching on the freshly fallen snow. Looking around the frosty forest, Howler saw his friend Prowler the fox wearing something new.

Prowler had a smart cap made of white wool sitting between his red ears! “Good morning, Howler!” said Prowler. “Do you like my new winter cap? My grandma fox knit it to keep my ears warm.”

“What a wonderful white cap!” thought Howler. All he had to keep his own ears warm was fluffy fur. The woolly cap looked so nice and snug.

“I wish I had a cap like that,” Howler said wistfully.

“Why don’t you ask your grandmother wolf to make you one?” Prowler suggested as he enjoyed away into the snowy pines, his white cap bobbing.

So later, when Howler went to visit his Grandma Wolf, he said, “Grandma, will you make me a white wool cap like Prowler’s to cover my chilly ears this winter?”

Grandma Wolf chuckled. “My dear, wolves and foxes are different. Foxes have dainty features perfect for caps with flaps that tie under their chin to stay put. Your wolf snout is quite long, and such flaps would never stretch.”

Howler’s ears drooped sadly to hear that a cap might not work for him. Sensing his disappointment, Grandma Wolf added, “But let me think about it, dear one. We’ll find a way to get you a nice winter cap too.”

Over the next few days, Howler kept wishing for his own special white winter cap. Each time snow fell, he’d gaze longingly at foxes and rabbits bounding by in their knitted caps pulled over their ears. Even the raccoons had striped ear warmers!

One evening, when Grandma Wolf came over to the den for dinner, she surprised Howler. “Close your eyes and hold out your paws,” she instructed.

Howler squeezed his yellow eyes shut tight. He felt Grandma place something soft and stretchy on his head.

“Look now!” said Grandma Wolf. Howler opened his eyes and ran to the frozen stream. Staring at his reflection, he saw a splendid white wool cap with holes for his pointy ears to peek through! It fit perfectly without getting in the way of his long snout.

“You made this for me?” Howler asked. Grandma Wolf nodded, smiling.

Overjoyed, Howler tilted back his head and let out the loudest, longest howl of glee that echoed through the entire forest. All the animals stopped to listen in awe.

From that day on, Howler frolicked proudly through the snowy woods in his new white winter cap, knit just for him. And whenever little animals asked where they could get such a fine cap, Howler would tell them, “My dear Grandma Wolf made this specially for me. No cap could ever fit my wolf ears better!”

And so the tale spread far and wide through the forest of the talented Grandma Wolf, who could knit the perfect winter cap to keep even a wolf’s ears warm and happy all season long.

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