The Polar Bear Who Wished For Snow


Niko was a fluffy white polar bear who lived at the North Pole. He loved playing on the icy glaciers and swimming in the freezing cold waters. But Niko’s very favorite thing was catching snowflakes on his pink tongue during winter snowstorms.

One morning, Niko woke up hungry for a frosty fish breakfast. He blinked open his small black eyes and peeked out of his icy cave.

“Oh no!” Niko cried. All of the sparkling snow and ice had melted away under the bright summer sun!

Niko sadly dragged his furry feet over the mushy puddles. Without snow, all the cute arctic hares and yummy fish had disappeared too.

Niko grumbled his deepest polar bear grumble. “It is summer now. I wish for my cold winter wonderland back!”

Just then, Niko’s friends Otto the otter and Sprinkles the arctic fox came splashing over. They were happily playing tag in the thawed tundra pools outside Niko’s den.

“Don’t be glum, Niko!” chirped Otto. “This sunshine means fun summertime games!”

Niko sadly shook his big furry head. “But I love icy adventures most. I cannot play polar games without my frosty snowdrifts!”

Sprinkles tilted her head thoughtfully. Then she barked with joy.

“I know!” Sprinkles yipped. “Let’s travel north to the Snow Queen’s Sparkle Palace. Her magic can bring back winter!”

So the three friends set off on a quest to find the mysterious Snow Queen. They hiked over mushy puddles past Otto’s river den and Sprinkles’ berry patch.

Soon they came to a shining glacier lake. On the far side was a glittery ice castle atop a snowy mountain.

“That must be the Snow Queen’s frozen palace!” Niko said. “But how will we cross?”

Just then, a beautiful white swan with frosty blue feathers floated over the icy water.

“You look too heavy to swim across my chilly lake, dear polar bear,” she called. “May I give you animals a lift on my back?”

“Oh yes please!” the friends said. So Sprinkles, Otto and Niko climbed onto the kind swan’s feathery back. She gracefully ferried them across the freezing lake to the Snow Queen’s Sparkle Palace.

At the icy gates, the swan winked a bright black eye. “Good luck, little ones!” And she drifted away.

Inside the frosty palace, Otto, Sprinkles and Niko tiptoed down a glittery great hall. Giant snowflake chandeliers sparkled on the high ceilings.

Soon the animals found the Snow Queen sitting atop her crystallized throne. She wore a long silver gown that shone like moonbeams on new snow.

Niko bravely stepped forward. “Wise Snow Queen, I am Niko the polar bear. I love frolicking in the winter’s wonderful snow. But now it has melted away too soon! Will you please bring back the cold?”

The Snow Queen smiled gently. With a wave of her frozen scepter, magic snowflakes swirled around the great hall.

“Dear Niko, enjoy this flurry inside my palace for now. But I cannot make winter return on its own,” said the Queen. “Seasons cycle for a reason in nature’s grand plan. Patience shall reward those who understand.”

Niko nodded slowly, though his heart remained heavy. Otto, Sprinkles and Niko twirled merrily beneath the indoor flurries then waved goodbye to the kind Snow Queen.

When the animals returned to the tundra, Niko realized his woodland friends were right – there was summertime fun to be had! They splashed down slippery mud slides and munched on juicy salmon berries.

But each day, Niko still sighed, missing his winter wonderland. He marked off the days on his cave wall as summer slowly turned towards fall. Crisp leaves danced across the sleepy tundra.

One morning, Niko woke up feeling a familiar chill outside his icy den. “Could it be?” he wondered.

Niko burst outside – and a snowflake landed on his fuzzy white nose! He let out a great roar of joy that shook icicles off the frozen cliffsides! At long last, the first winter snow had arrived!

Otto and Sprinkles cheered at the winter wonderland too. The land glittered like fairy crystals as the flakes fell softly down.

As Niko caught the swirling snow on his tongue, he remembered the Snow Queen’s wise words about patience and seasons. He looked forward to next summer’s fun too.

But for now – winter has returned at last! And the polar bear who wished for snow had seen his dream come true.

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