The Jester’s Silly Hat


More than anything, Jingles loved making people laugh. He told funny jokes and did silly dances all day long in the royal castle.

Laughter was Jingles’ favorite sound. Well, that and the jingle jangle of his hat! Jingles always wore a hat with shiny bells that jingled when he danced and jumped. The jingles made people smile and laugh.

One morning, Jingles put on his hat and noticed something strange—it did not jingle! The bells were old and rusty. No matter how hard Jingles shook his head, his hat stayed silent.

“Oh no!” cried Jingles. “My silly hat cannot jingle! Now how will I bring happiness and laughter to the kingdom?”

Jingles knew he must find new bells for his hat right away. So he decided to ask his friends for help.

First, Jingles visited Benjamin, the royal shoemaker. Benjamin made splendid shoes and boots for the king and queen.

“Friend Benjamin, you must help me!” said Jingles. “My hat needs new bells, so it will jingle merrily again!”

But Benjamin said, “I am sorry, Jingles; I only make shoes. I do not know how to fix hats.”

Sadly, Jingles left Benjamin’s shop with his hat still silent. He would have to find help somewhere else.

Next, Jingles went to see Betsy, the talented royal seamstress. Betsy sewed elegant gowns and robes for the royal family.

“Please, Betsy, can you help?” asked Jingles. “My hat needs shiny new bells so it will jingle tunefully again!”

But Betsy said, “Oh dear, I wish I could help, but I only sew clothes, not hats.”

Poor Jingles left Betsy’s shop feeling hopeless. His hat would never jingle melodiously again without new bells.

Jingles had one more friend to ask: Thomas, the royal carpenter. Thomas built sturdy tables and beds for the royal castle. 

“Thomas, please help me!” cried Jingles. “I need new bells on my hat. I want it to jingle cheerfully again!”

But Thomas said, “I am so sorry, Jingles. I only work with wood, not hats.”

Jingles felt very sad. None of his talented friends could fix his broken hat. He would never hear its happy jingles again.

With his hat hanging silently, Jingles moped back towards the castle. On the way, he passed by Lily’s Bakery.

His friend Lily waved from the window. “Hi Jingles! Why do you look so sad on this lovely day?”

Jingles explained, “My silly hat needs new bells before it can jingle again, but no one can help me.”

Lily smiled and said, “Come inside! I think I know just the thing to fix your hat.”

In the warm, sweet-smelling kitchen, Lily searched for something special while Jingles waited, hopefully.

“Here we are!” said Lily. “Shiny silver balls, the candies we decorate cakes with! These just might work.”

Using a needle and thread, Lily carefully sewed the sparkling balls onto Jingles’ hat. Jingles put on his hat cautiously. He shook his head slowly.

Jingle, jangle, jingle! The happy sounds of the bells filled the kitchen!

“Hooray!” Jingles cheered, dancing around. “Thank you, clever Lily! You fixed my hat, so it jingles merrily again!”

“I’m so glad I could help,” smiled Lily. “Please come see me if your hat needs more jingles.”

Jingles joyfully skipped all the way back to the castle, his hat jingling with each step. Back in the royal hall, Jingles told funny jokes and performed silly tricks. The king and queen laughed louder than ever before at the jingling hat.

From that day on, Jingles made sure to take good care of his hat. But the bells still jingled away with age over time. Before long, the hat fell silent again.

Jingles went right away to see Lily at the bakery. “My hat needs fresh jingles,” he said sadly. “Can you help again, please?”

“Of course!” said Lily. She fixed colorful candies onto the hat, good as new. Jingles danced with happy jingles once more.

As the days passed, Jingles visited Lily to fix his hat again and again. Each time, Lily had just the right treats to use.

One day Jingles came with his hat broken worse than ever before. The bells were completely missing! “Whatever shall we do?” sighed Jingles.

Lily thought carefully. Then her face brightened. “I know just the thing!” she said.

Lily went into her backyard, where wind noises hang from a tree branch. She took a few of the gleaming bells and tied them to Jingles’ hat. Jingles put on his hat, and it rang out beautifully. The beautiful sounds filled Jingles with joy. He laughed and ran around.

“It’s perfect!” Jingles said. “Thank you, Lily! You saved my hat once again.”

“That’s what friends are for,” said Lily warmly. “Come see me if you need more help.”

But this time, Lily’s fix lasted. The wind chimes stayed glittering and ringing on Jingles’ hat. Jingles danced through the kingdom, making people young and old laugh with his jokes and tales.

The jester never took his beloved hat for granted again. Thanks to a thoughtful friend, it will jingle forevermore!

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