Puss In Boots


An old man had a flour mill in the town. He had three sons that he loved very much: a big son, a middle son, and a little son. When this old miller got very sick, he was very sad because he did not have much money to give his sons when he died.

The old miller told his sons, “I do not have gold or land to give you when I go. But I want each son to have something from me.”

To the big son, who was very hardworking, the miller left his flour mill so his son could keep the business going. The big son was happy with this good gift.

To the middle son, who loved animals big and small, the miller left his loyal donkey, who helped at the mill. The middle son promised to care well for his new pet donkey.

And to the little son who had a big imagination and made people laugh even when times were hard, the only thing the poor miller had left was his clever cat named Boots.

At first, the little son was very sad. “A cat friend is nice, but he won’t help me pay for things or build a house!” He worried about how he would live because his father did not leave him any money.

Then, to the little boy’s surprise, the cat stood up on two legs and started walking just like a human! In a polite voice, the cat said, “Do not worry, young master! I can make you rich, so you never have to feel sad or needy again. Just get me some fancy clothes to wear, and I will do the rest.”

The little son trusted his pet cat and used a few coins from his small savings to buy boots, a fine cape, shiny boots, and a tall hat with a big feather. The cat looked very splendid dressed up in his new clothes! Boots the cat looked so grand that no one argued when he asked to ride inside the carriage instead of just sleeping on the seat.

Off went Boots and his master together down the winding road away from town. Soon Boots told his master, “Now we must play a little trick on the rich folks that travel this way. Hide in the bushes, and when I shout, jump out and pretend to fight them!”

Many fancy lords and ladies rode in carriages down that same road on their way to the grand city. Every time one passed the bushes, boots suddenly sprang out! “Stop and hand over your gems and gold this instant, you skinny snobs and blobby blowhards!” shouted the cat in his biggest, scariest voice. “Or my master back there will crush you to bits!”

The rich travelers got very scared seeing Boots standing there in his fine clothes, yelling and spitting. They threw their heavy money bags and sparkling jewelry out the carriage windows as fast as they could! Then, with a snap of the reins, they raced away down the road in terror. Boots and his master picked up all the coins and rubies. They grew very rich after just a few days of doing this over and over!

With bags and bags of treasure now, Boots led his young master towards the royal city. On the outskirts of the grand city gates sat a giant, ugly ogre. From dawn until dusk, the mean ogre scared away any worker who came close to the king’s grain field that was ready to harvest.

The king was very upset; no one could reap his grain with the nasty ogre there. Boots told his trusting master, “Do not worry! Just pretend to be a great lord while I go deal with that rude ogre.” Before the man could ask what Boots would do, the bold cat marched right up to the slobbering ogre.

“Here now, you grubby brute!” shouted Boots fiercely at the ogre. “The grand marquis who owns this land wants you off his property this instant! Go on now, get out!” The dumb ogre scratched his blobby head in confusion. But once he got a fright seeing little Boots staring fearlessly with paws on hips, the ogre walked quickly away farther down the road.

Just then, fancy carriages appeared, bringing the king himself to look at his grain. Quick as a wink, Boots turned to his young master, saying, “Play along now! Tell them I am your servant.” Out of the bushes jumped the miller’s little son, covered in mud and leaves.

Boots removed his feathered hat and swept into a deep bow. “Your majesty! May I present my lord and master, the wealthy Marquis of Carabas? Forgive his messy clothes, for ruffians robbed his noble carriage just this morning and stole everything while he bathed in the stream.”

The merciful king felt very sorry for the supposed rich Marquis after the robbers took his fine things. The king invited him to ride back to the palace for a hot meal and new clothes. As they trotted along, Boots ran far ahead, telling every farmer and villager they passed to call his master, “Lord Marquis,” owner of all the land, or else!

Back at the golden palace, the great king asked over dinner, “Lord Marquis, tell me, do all these acres we pass belong to your family?” Boots had warned so many people that if they did not say yes, they would be in big trouble! So every village leader and farmer answered, “Why yes, your majesty! The Marquis is the owner of all these lands far and wide since ages ago.”

Hearing this, the king was very impressed that this young Marquis was lord of so much land. The princess even asked her father after dinner, “Dear Father is it true the brave Marquis saved our harvest by battling the awful ogre? He must stay here as an honored guest!” The princess had never met such an interesting gentleman before.

Seeing how taken his beloved daughter was by the newly wealthy Marquis, the king agreed it was time for the princess to marry at last. With a happy smile, the king gave permission for the wandering Marquis, who owned half the kingdom, and the lonely princess to be married.

Soon, the grand wedding was held in the splendid palace. Boots purred loudly, watching his clever plan fully work. Now his dear master and friend would live happy forever after with the princess, all thanks to Boots scaring off an ugly ogre and telling enough lies! Boots knew being so clever was why cats washed themselves clean all the time—to wipe off any guilt! But seeing his kind master rich and smiling was worth it.

And so the poorest son of the miller became the richest Marquis, married to royalty for the rest of his days. He and the princess invited all the palace cats to feast on juicy salmon alongside Boots, who has his own special seat at the table. Every day was filled with laughter and cream, thanks to one artful, daring cat named Boots.

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