Little Blue Car


Little Marcy put on her red sneakers and raced outside to play. She laughed as she ran to the big tree in her yard that she liked to climb.

As Marcy swung from the branches, her mother called, “Marcy, come help me please!”

Marcy hopped down from the tall tree and ran inside.

“Look out the window,” said mom. A moving truck had parked at their neighbor’s old brown house next door.

“The yellow moving truck brought new neighbors! See that little blue car parked behind it?” said mom. Marcy pressed her nose against the glass. A tiny bright blue car shined back at her.

“Neat!” said Marcy. She loved little things like colorful bugs, smooth rocks, and now this little blue jewel of a car.

Soon a man and woman got out of the big truck. They waved hello to Marcy’s mom. Marcy hid shyly behind her mom’s skirt. Then out popped a tiny girl from the little blue car.

She had springy curls just like Marcy’s! The girl danced over with a big smile.

“Hi! I’m Emma! I’m four! Do you want to play?” said Emma.

Marcy smiled. Emma seemed nice like her teacher at school. Marcy felt excited to make her very first friend in the neighborhood.

“Okay, let’s go to my tree in my backyard!” said Marcy. The girls ran out back to climb the leafy branches. They picked some purple flowers that Marcy tucked into Emma’s curly hair. Emma’s floral crown made Marcy giggle.

Soon the sun started to set. Emma had to go home for supper.

“I wish you could stay longer,” said Marcy sadly.

“But we’re neighbors now. I’ll see you tomorrow!” Emma gave Marcy a great big hug before she skipped back home to her house next door.

All through dinner, Marcy told her parents about her new friend Emma and the tiny blue car.

The next day, Marcy waited at the window as the sun came up. Soon Emma dashed outside from her house in a red dress that matched Marcy’s red sneakers.

Emma had a bouncy ball in her hand. “Let’s play catch!” she said.

The girls tossed the ball back and forth to each other over the low fence between their two yards.

They played for so long that Marcy’s tummy started to grumble. Marcy’s mom brought out peanut butter and fluff sandwiches. Yum! Marcy’s favorite!

As they ate, Emma said, “I’m so glad we moved here next to your yard!”

Marcy nodded. She was happy their moms had become good friends too. Grown-ups needed friends, just like kids!

Over the next few weeks, the two new best friends played every day. Sometimes they had play dates at Emma’s house instead.

Marcy loved seeing all of Emma’s toys. But Marcy’s favorite was still that bright blue car parked outside. Maybe they could wash it one day!

On a hot day in July, Marcy had an idea.

“We should have a lemonade stand to earn money for new toys!” she said.

So they set up a little table on the grass. Emma made the lemonade from real lemons while Marcy found some clean jars and decorated them with glitter and ribbons.

Soon people came over from the neighborhood to buy a cool drink. By late afternoon, their jars were empty.

Marcy poured out all their coins. “Look Emma! We earned five whole dollars!” Marcy said proudly.

Emma threw her arms around Marcy for a hug. “Now we can wash your little blue car!” said Marcy.

Emma clapped in delight. “Hooray!” she said. “My little car will be so happy!”

Together the friends rolled up their sleeves to get scrubbing! They filled buckets of sudsy water from the hose. As they splashed foam on the shiny blue hood, the little car seemed to sparkle brighter.

They still had money left when they finished washing. Emma’s mom took them to the store to pick out a new sidewalk chalk set to share.

That night at dinner, Marcy told her dad all about their special blue car wash day. Marcy felt lucky to have a best friend like Emma. And Emma’s cheerful little car made Marcy feel happy each day just seeing it parked nearby.

As the summer sunlight faded to fall and winter, the friendship between the two girls only grew stronger. Through each season over the years, Marcy would look out her window and see Emma’s little blue car in the same spot next door. And Marcy knew they would always be the very best of friends.

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